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first_imgTamara Pimentel APTN National NewsA Saskatoon man has filed a complaint with city police, after officers invaded his apartment and jolted him with a Taser.He also says that the police had the wrong address, and the wrong man.last_img

Sri Lanka is to host a wedding for 100 Chinese couples at Town Hall in Colombo on December 17, the Government announced today.The royal wedding will be attended by President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe. Sri Lanka and China share longstanding and deep relations in all sectors.The Government says the 100 Chinese couples picked to have their wedding in Sri Lanka includes three Olympic medal winners. The event is being organised by the Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development and the Tourism Ministry as well as the Chinese Government. Minister of Megapolis and Western Development Champika Ranawaka said that the event will help strengthen Sri Lanka – China ties. The couples will be given an all expense paid stay in Sri Lanka following the wedding ceremony so they can experience what Sri Lanka offers tourists. (Colombo Gazette) read more

AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by The Canadian Press Posted Nov 2, 2012 10:31 pm MDT Ottawa gives itself more time to review controversial Nexen takeover bid OTTAWA – The Harper government bought itself some more time to deal with a political hot potato, extending a review of the controversial $15.1-billion bid by a Chinese state-owned company to acquire Calgary-based oil and gas producer Nexen Inc (TSX:NXY).Industry Minister Christian Paradis said in a news release issued Friday evening that the Investment Canada Act review of the proposed purchase has been extended by 30 days until Dec. 10.Extensions under the Act are not unusual, Paradis noted and can again be prolonged with the consent of the acquiring company, in this case China National Offshore Oil Co.Because it’s the second time the Nexen-CNOOC review has been extended, the latest delay couldn’t have taken place without CNOOC’s permission.Another extension was widely expected by market players and political observers, but nonetheless it suggests the political ramifications of the proposed takeover have the Conservatives bewildered on how to proceed, said Peter Julian, the NDP’s natural resources critic.“Anytime in politics when people are making decisions on a late Friday night it’s because they’re scared of public reaction,” he said in a phone interview.”They desperately want to rubber stamp it, and because they know that public opposition is growing they’re just trying to buy more and more time.”The Nexen deal has generated direct and indirect concerns from a number of quarters and even Prime Minister Stephen Harper has said the takeover bid “raises a range of difficult policy questions,” indicating there’s a national security angle that factors into Canada’s relationship with China.The Canadian Security Intelligence Service, Canada’s spy agency, raised a red flag on foreign investment by state-owned firms in general in its annual report this year, although it didn’t name specific countries.The NDP has raised a wide range of concerns specifically regarding Nexen, including concerns over national security, environmental and human rights. The New Democrats have also called the federal review process too secretive.Harper is even dealing with members of his own caucus, such as Alberta MP Rob Anders, who have voiced displeasure.Ottawa sources say the Harper government is torn between its eagerness to court foreign investment and new markets in Asia, and its distaste for government-run companies.“One of the most pointed concerns is, this country spent the better part of a generation moving away from the Crown or the state-owned enterprises because we recognized it’s simply not an efficient way to run an economy,” one Conservative MP told The Canadian Press on condition of anonymity. “So there is some hesitation to allow a state-owned enterprise from a foreign acquisition come in and buy a sizeable Canadian asset.”A source close to the matter said CNOOC was prepared for a lengthy review when it made its move in July, given the size and significance of the transaction. The person added the Chinese company still expects the deal to close by year-end.Industry Canada took 103 days to approve Swiss-based Glencore’s $6.1-billion deal to buy Viterra earlier this year. That transaction still hasn’t closed because it’s waiting on Chinese government approval.Under the Investment Canada Act, deals involving WTO member countries valued at more than $330 million must be a “net benefit” to Canada.Just what constitutes a “net benefit” exactly is unclear, but Harper has said clarifications are coming soon.U.S. politicians on both sides of the aisle have cautioned Ottawa against turning over natural resources to a Chinese state-owned company. Critics fear that CNOOC may answer more to Beijing than it does the market.And the deal involves a Canadian national treasure, oil.In an apparent bid to ease Ottawa’s concerns, CNOOC has pledged to keep the head office in Calgary, seek a listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange and place some $8 billion of its assets under the control of Nexen’s management in Canada. It has also promised to carry on Nexen’s social responsibility programs in Canada and around the world.“The proposed transaction is undergoing a rigorous review under the Investment Canada Act,” Paradis said in a statement. “A determination will be made based on the six clear factors that are laid out in detail in section 20 of the Act and the Guidelines on Investment by State-Owned Enterprises.“The required time will be taken to conduct a thorough and careful review of this proposed investment.”Now that the government has until early December to complete its review, the plan may be to quietly announce approval of the deal sometime during the Christmas holidays, suggested Julian.”I think the way this government works and its lack of respect for the public means that they’re going to be looking to rubber stamp it sometime during the Christmas season, hoping that public reaction will blow over.” read more

The assembly bill 685, adopted on 25 September in the most populated US state, with more than 37 million inhabitants, also provides for coordination among state agencies about the use of water for human consumption, cooking, and sanitary purposes.“When I received the good news about the adoption of this bill, my thoughts immediately went to those people I met last year in California who still do not benefit from this fundamental human right,” said the Special Rapporteur on the human right to safe drinking water and sanitation, Catarina de Albuquerque.With the new law, water and sanitation will be placed at the centre of policy formulation to ensure that all people in California have access to affordable, accessible, acceptable and safe water and sanitation in sufficient amounts to protect their health and dignity, Ms. de Albuquerque noted. As a state that is likely to be heavily affected by climate change, California should now become the first state in the country to adopt a comprehensive policy on the human right to water, she added.“I remember the tragic stories of farm-worker women in Seville, in the San Joaquin Valley, who were condemned to drinking the water from their polluted wells because they did not have the money to purchase bottled water,” Ms. de Albuquerque said. “I recall the crying women who told me that they were devoting about 20 per cent of their $14,000 per year income to water and sanitation. I am also thinking about the indigenous people of the Winnemem Wintu Tribe, whose lack of water and adequate sanitation was appalling.”Ms. de Albuquerque met with the author of the bill, Assembly Member Mike Eng, and its co-sponsors during her visit to the US in February and March last year. She also visited communities affected by the inadequate access to safe drinking water. Since then, she has followed the developments on this issue and given recommendations to lawmakers who introduced, discussed and adopted the bill.“This bill is a clear sign that bringing safe and affordable water to all in California is a political priority, which I warmly welcome. I am happy to congratulate the state of California for this historic step,” she said.“After the adoption of a comprehensive law, the crucial next step is to come up with a plan, policy and strategy for the sector. As part of the duties of our office, I am at the disposal of the Government to give the necessary support.”Independent experts, or special rapporteurs such as Ms. de Albuquerque, are appointed by the Geneva-based Human Rights Council to examine and report back, in an unpaid capacity, on specific human rights themes. read more

My laptop and the brains of those around me liked moving the rook over to h2. From there, it would stare down the juicy far-right column (h-file in chess parlance), which provides a useful conduit into black enemy territory and could have come wide open if some pawns were exchanged. Carlsen did, more or less, the opposite. He moved his king down a square, to g2.Carlsen may have thought that the game was a dead draw and that any move would be a means to that end. He was wrong. The white king on g2 blocked the white rook’s access to the right edge of the board and, possibly, to black’s king. This swung the pendulum swiftly in Karjakin’s favor. “Carlsen played with his hand and not with his brain,” Robert Hess, a grandmaster and contributor, told me.The Norwegian champ agreed with Hess. “King to g2 is a huge blunder,” a visibly upset Carlsen said at the postgame press conference. Up to this point in the match, Carlsen had generally seemed calm and comfortable, but after this game, he sat disturbed, face in hand, brusquely and testily answering questions. He’d have been halfway to his hotel already, one felt, were it not for his contractual obligations.This blunder may have been due to a clerical error by Carlsen, NRK, Norway’s national broadcaster, reported after the game. Tournament players are required to record on a scoresheet all the moves played during a game. Carlsen, who’s done this many thousands of times, told NRK that he forgot a move earlier in the game. Once a player makes his 40th move, he receives 50 minutes of additional time on his clock. Carlsen received his extra time but initially seemed confused as to why. The king-to-g2 blunder came immediately after, on his 41st move.After Carlsen’s mistake, the players had a full role-reversal, with the Norwegian playing Houdini and the Russian the stifled aggressor. But as the game progressed, Karjakin’s advantage fizzled, Carlsen’s defenses held, and the players agreed to a draw after 51 moves over five hours. The score is tied 2.5-2.5 in this race to 6.5.1Wins are worth 1 point, draws are worth half a point for each player, and losses are worth 0 points.It’s been an impressive streak of draws, but there have been more to open a world championship. Garry Kasparov and Viswanathan Anand fought to eight in a row in 1995, the last time the championship was in New York. But those — only one was longer than 30 moves — pale in comparison to the legendary draws this year. “Gonna be a draw,” a grandmaster texted me as the setting sun cast a red tinge on the East River off lower Manhattan. It was around 5 p.m. on Thursday, and my attention was split between the light filtering through the masts of the tall ships at the pier outside the window and the crucial but lumbering game of chess being played by two geniuses on the other side of the hall. Shortly after 6 p.m., a commotion broke the calm. An official with the World Chess Championship rushed into the press room. The game would end soon, he said, and we should be ready. Sergey Karjakin, the Russian underdog, was winning.This was exciting news indeed. The first four games of the match had ended in draws — two of them epic — between Karjakin and his opponent, the defending world champion and No. 1-rated Magnus Carlsen of Norway. In Thursday’s fifth game, it seemed, there would be blood.In the previous three games, the two players had opened the game with a set of moves called “the Ruy Lopez” — also known as “the Spanish.” On Thursday, they moved across the Mediterranean to play the “Giuoco Piano,” also known as “the Italian.” “Giuoco piano” means “quiet game,” but the opening is known for creating a tense, maneuvering contest. White aims to control the board’s center while black tries not to lose the battle for space.Karjakin, handling the black pieces, came out of this opening battle slightly ahead, according to the computer chess engine Stockfish and a preponderance of onlookers in New York. This was a rarity, as the Russian had previously been relying on costive, defensive goal-line stands simply to stay alive in the championship match.But on the 20th move, a minor theme of the previous games re-emerged, blunting Karjakin’s edge. He faced the following position: Stockfish thought the better play for Karjakin was to move the black bishop back a square, from f5 to g6, which would reveal the black rook and apply further pressure on an already strained board. Karjakin’s human brain, however, preferred trading a bishop for a knight by capturing on c5. As in previous games, Karjakin played more passively than might have been optimal, going with the move that released some of the game’s tension but also perhaps some of his advantage along with it.Nevertheless, the Russian would get another unexpected crack at victory. The game proceeded, quite level, for another 20 moves — solid grandmaster chess — and another draw seemed inevitable. (Hence the text and my staring at the ships.) Eventually, however, Carlsen (playing white) erred when facing the following position on the 41st move: Viswanathan Anand contemplates his move against Gary Kasparov at the World Chess Championship in 1995. JON LEVY / AFP / Getty Images I’d witnessed some 18 hours of play over the previous three game days. On the train on my way home from the venue, the man sitting next to me was staring at his smartphone. He was playing chess.Game 6 begins Friday afternoon. I’ll be covering the rest of the games here and on Twitter.CORRECTION (Nov. 18, 10:47 a.m.): An earlier version of this article misstated the amount of additional time players receive after their 40th move. It is 50 minutes, not an hour. read more

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram An afternoon of music and dance and Greek community stage concert will be held this Sunday in South Morang.The event will feature dance groups of Greek Orthodox Community of Whittlesea Women’s Dancing Group and Anemones Women’s Dancing Group, as well as musical theatre Paliomillos Social Club Teassos Themida. Famous Melbourne musician Christos Ioannides with his band is expected to provide the great entertainment for the guests. Traditional Greek sweets, tea and coffee will be provided, followed with door prizes and raffle. Special guest is Rena Frangioudakis.The event is supported by the Greek Orthodox community of Whittlesea Elderly Citizens group and City of Whittlesea Community Development Grants Program. The cost is $7 per person.When: Sunday 29 September, 2.00 pm to 6.00 pm Where: Yan Yean Theatre, Plenty Ranges Arts and Convention Centre, 35 Ferres Boulevard South Morang For more information and bookings, contact Con Constantineas on (03) 9402 7881 or 0425 786 502last_img read more

first_img Elon Musk shows off the shiny SpaceX Starship 2 16 Photos Sci-Tech SpaceX SpaceX is on fire.Figuratively speaking, of course. As if they’ve just dropped back-to-back-to-back buckets in a game of NBA Jam. After successfully sending the first commercial crew capsule to the International Space Station in early March, Elon Musk’s spaceflight company is on a hot streak and it’s looking to continue that with an upcoming test launch of its much-discussed Starship. But before Starship gets off the ground, Musk has given spacefaring fans a glimpse of the hexagonal heatshield tiles that will eventually protect the craft from searing heat. Tags Testing Starship heatshield hex tiles— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) March 17, 2019 Comments Share your voice Musk explained that the hottest parts of the heatshield, glowing white in the short video above, reached a maximum temperature of around 1650 Kelvin (approx. 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit, approx. 1,375 degrees Celsius). He suggested this could withstand the extreme temperatures associated with returning to Earth, but it is slightly lower than the temperatures NASA’s Space Shuttles were built to withstand (approx. 1,500 degrees Celsius).On March 12, the Raptor rocket engine — which will eventually help power Starship to the moon and beyond — was spotted in Boca Chica, Texas, where SpaceX are gearing up for Starship’s first test “hops”. The hops will test the takeoff and landing capabilities of a Starship prototype, affectionately known as “Starhopper”, and the Raptor engine.On Friday, a Twitter user, Austin Barnard, snapped photos of the Raptor engine affixed to the Starhopper for the first time. With all of the machinery in place, Musk believes the test hops will take place within the coming week. Elon Musk SpaceXlast_img read more

first_imgThey’re back.  Marvel Studios Avengers: Endgame is heading back to theaters. In an interview with CNET sister site out Wednesday, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige said the re-released movie would also include new footage.”I don’t know if it’s been announced. And I don’t know how much … Yeah, we’re doing it next weekend,” Feige said.In a separate interview with Screen Rant, Feige said it won’t be an extended cut, but rather “if you stay and watch the movie, after the credits, there’ll be a deleted scene, a little tribute, and a few surprises.”That tribute will be to late Marvel legend Stan Lee. Avengers: Endgame didn’t include the traditional, post-credits scene — only a short audio stinger of what sounds like clanking. Some internet theories suggest it’s a nod to Iron Man. “The Avengers assemble once more in order to undo Thanos’ actions and restore order to the universe,” reads a new listing from theater chain Cinemark. “Includes seven minutes of bonus content and Stan Lee tribute.”Marvel didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. Originally published June 19, 6:26 a.m. PT. Update, 6:38 a.m. PT: Adds additional information; 7:12 a.m. PT: Adds Screen Rant comment; 7:58 a.m. PT: Adds additional background on Avengers: Infinity War; 2:25 p.m. PT: Adds Stan Lee tribute. Update June 20: Adds more information about the Avengers: Endgame audio stinger.   Avengers: Endgame, which came out in April, broke box office records and became the No. 2 movie of all time in the US in terms of ticket sales. As of June, it’s earned more than $831 million domestically and more than $2.7 billion worldwide. That last figure leaves Endgame shy of Avatar’s record of about $2.8 billion worldwide. This re-release could help Endgame close the gap.The movie followed 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War and largely wrapped up the last decade or so of Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. The re-release comes a few weeks before Marvel’s next entry, Spider-Man: Far From Home.  Now playing: Watch this: 26 Photos Share your voice 0 Top 5 things Avengers: Endgame sets up for the future How to watch every Marvel Cinematic Universe film in the right order Post a comment 2:58 Tags TV and Movieslast_img read more

first_imgBethel’s Pete Kaiser is the 2015 Kuskokwim 300 champion. Kaiser and his team crossed the finish line in Bethel at 5:31 Sunday morning with a team of nine dogs in the 36th running of the race.Kaiser is the first local musher in 29 years to win the race.Download AudioRohn Buser had a seven-minute edge on Kaiser as they left the final four-hour layover at Tuluksak Sunday morning after midnight. Kaiser passed Buser on the way to Bethel.Pete Kaiser at the 2015 Kuskokwim 300 finish with his lead dogs, Palmer and Rosie. – Photo by Chris PikeA crowd chanted for Kaiser at the finish line, where he met many friends and fans. “It’s kind of crazy, it’s like a dream come true. I don’t really know what to say” said Kaiser.Fan’s led a chant for Kaiser as he came into the finish, saying, “It’s all about that Pete!” as he raced into Bethel. When he arrived a fan handed him a bottle of champagne which the normally reserved musher shook and showered himself and the crowd.Kaiser began mushing as a kid in Bethel. He grew up watching the Kuskokwim 300. Among those cheering Kaiser at the finish were his parents, who also live in Bethel. He hugged his girlfriend Bethany, who met him with their two-year-old boy Ari.The race was shorter this year by about 30 miles and the trail limited to the Kuskokwim River from Bethel to Aniak and back. Racers made required stops at checkpoints to rest and care for dogs. The shorter distance plus ice made the race the fastest ever and made for a pre-dawn finish.Defending champion Rohn Buser led nearly the entire race until Kaiser passed him after the Tuluksak checkpoint with about 45 miles left.  Kaiser had been steadily gaining on Buser for the later two thirds of the race.The Kaiser family, (left to right) Janet Kaiser, Bethany Hoffman, Pete Kaiser holding Ari, Ron Kaiser. – Photo by Chris PikeAny hope Buser might have held to regain the lead was lost when he took a wrong turn into Church Slough about 12 miles from the finish as the race neared Bethel. It’s unclear exactly what the consequences will be for diverting from the main race trail. Race manager Zach Fansler told KYUK that the race committee will be meeting later Sunday to sift through facts and make a ruling.At the finish Kaiser told reporters he knew about the navigational error because someone texted him. He said the wrong turn was easy to make. Buser ended up taking a local truck trail that veered off to the left of the main channel of the river. Buser’s final time into the checkpoint was 5:44 a.m.“I missed the one you can’t miss,” said Buser.The younger Buser led the race up until the Kwethluk checkpoint. His father Martin Buser, according to GPS, made the same wrong turn.The last local musher to win the K300 title was Bethel’s Myron Angstman in 1986.“It’s pretty cool, it’s a community event,” said Kaiser. “It’s taken a long time for that to come around and it’s cool it finally happened.”Buser shot out to an early lead with a fast team through the first half day of racing, while Kaiser and his team sat back and raced in the middle of the pack. His leaders, Palmer and Rosie, picked up the pace as the course continued upriver. He had the fastest run times going into Aniak and back to Kalskag. He and Jeff King systematically chipped away at Buser’s lead until Kaiser passed Buser in the early morning hours of Sunday outside of Tuluksak.Pete Kaiser was met by a crowd of fans at the K300 finish line in Bethel at 5:31 a.m. Sunday morning. Photo by Chris Pike“This team is so locked into a speed right now. Whether they’re fresh or tired, they get locked into that consistent speed,” said Kaiser.Jeff King arrived at 5:58 a.m. in third place. Tony Browning was fourth into Bethel at 6:31 a.m., and Ken Anderson fifth at 6:35 a.m.Kaiser called the K300 trail “totally doable”. The Yukon Kuskokwim Delta had received little snow and been plagued with temperatures that bounced up above freezing then back down again all season. The hometown favorite trained in Nenana due to lack of snow and warm temperatures in the YK Delta. Village crews used a bulldozer and other heavy equipment to clear the race trail through a giant ice jumble that formed during a November breakup just below Kalskag. Racers battled rain and icy conditions on the way up to Aniak. Snow fell just as the race got going, with about an inch and a half blanketing the icy trail, improving conditions on the way back to Bethel.Kaiser’s time was the fastest ever, but before the race, organizer Myron Angstman said this year’s time will be an asterisked time due to a shorter trail. This year’s trail did not include the Whitefish Lake loop.Kaiser was victorious in his seventh Kuskokwim 300. He’s a three-time Best in the West winner, including 2014. He is the first musher to win all three Kuskokwim 300 weekend races; the Kuskokwim 300, the Bogus Creek 150, and the Akiak Dash. His team this year includes several three-year-olds with a year of racing under their belts.This year’s Kuskowim 300 race was the richest ever, totaling $123,300. Kaiser earns $25,000 for his first place performance.Daysha Eaton contributed to this story.last_img read more

first_img In the video below, Porter shows how the precise movements of the robotic grippers can be used to fold the tiny creases on a very basic paper airplane, which is about the size of a penny. Porter controls the robotic grippers with joystick-like hand controllers while looking at a 3D image on a viewfinder. The system translates the surgeon’s movements into more precise micro-movements while reducing any shaking. © 2010 Dr. James Porter folds a paper airplane using the da Vinci surgical robot. Currently, 1,000 of the $1.3-million da Vinci robots are being used worldwide to perform surgeries. Among the advantages of the system are that many procedures that traditionally require large incisions can now be made minimally invasive, and many patients have shorter recovery times. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Explore further Citation: Da Vinci surgical robot makes a tiny paper airplane (2011, April 5) retrieved 18 August 2019 from ( — The da Vinci surgical robot may be best known for performing prostate, gynecological, and heart valve surgeries. But in its spare moments, as Dr. James Porter of the Swedish Medical Center in Seattle has recently demonstrated, the da Vinci robot can also make and fly paper airplanes. This image taken from the video below shows da Vinci’s robotic grippers making a paper airplane. Image credit: Swedish Medical Center. More information: via: IEEE Spectrum Robots help surgeons transcend human limitslast_img read more

first_img This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. An international team of researchers has experimentally observed Bethe strings for the first time. In their paper published in the journal Nature, the team describes their experiments and what they observed, and offer possible implications of their work. Citation: Bethe strings experimentally observed for the first time (2018, February 8) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Explore further Researchers observe dynamical quantum phase transitions in an interacting many-body system Journal information: Naturecenter_img More information: Zhe Wang et al. Experimental observation of Bethe strings, Nature (2018). DOI: 10.1038/nature25466AbstractAlmost a century ago, string states—complex bound states of magnetic excitations—were predicted to exist in one-dimensional quantum magnets. However, despite many theoretical studies, the experimental realization and identification of string states in a condensed-matter system have yet to be achieved. Here we use high-resolution terahertz spectroscopy to resolve string states in the antiferromagnetic Heisenberg–Ising chain SrCo2V2O8 in strong longitudinal magnetic fields. In the field-induced quantum-critical regime, we identify strings and fractional magnetic excitations that are accurately described by the Bethe ansatz. Close to quantum criticality, the string excitations govern the quantum spin dynamics, whereas the fractional excitations, which are dominant at low energies, reflect the antiferromagnetic quantum fluctuations. Today, Bethe’s result is important not only in the field of quantum magnetism but also more broadly, including in the study of cold atoms and in string theory; hence, we anticipate that our work will shed light on the study of complex many-body systems in general. © 2018 Bethe strings were first proposed over a century ago by German physicist Hans Bethe, who based them on theories by Werner Heisenberg, and are defined as a type of collective behavior in electrons—a behavior that can travel between particles. The research team with this new effort refers to them as “complex bound states of magnetic excitations.” Some have described them as being similar to a line of people at a soccer game performing the “wave”—in this analogy, their up-and-down arm movements represent the up or down spin states of electrons. Bethe suggested their existence back in the 1930s, and others have refined the theory, but only recently has highly sophisticated technology emerged to test their existence.As a means of observing them experimentally, the researchers first synthesized SrCo2V2O8 crystals—an antiferromagnetic Heisenberg-Ising chain. They then used high-resolution terahertz spectroscopy to resolve the spin states. Doing so allowed for calculating the string suggestions using the Bethe approach, which showed that the spectroscopy had served as an indirect means of observation of Bethe strings.The team describes their work as a step forward in research into spin dynamics as they pertain to quantum magnetism. They suggest further that their findings could also have an impact on research in other areas such as cold quantum gases.On the other hand, since eventual observation of Bethe strings was expected at some point, the achievement by the research team is not likely to change much of anything in the physics world except for the possibility of using them in some way, such as manipulating them to allow for data storage. Less practically, it is also possible that gaining a better understanding of Bethe strings through observation might lead to a breakthrough in string theory. Quantum spin chain in SrCo2V2O8, psinon–(anti)psinon pairs and strings. Credit: Nature (2018). DOI: 10.1038/nature25466last_img read more

first_imgDarjeeling: Twenty-two police personnel, who were returning home to North Dinajpur from Kalimpong where they were deployed for chief minister Mamata Banerjee’s visit, were injured when their van overturned on Friday. Police sources said the van overturned in a bend at 3rd Mile, about 9km from Kalimpong town around 2pm. “The van hit the guard rails on the road and overturned. Had it jumped the guard walls, it would have tumbled down the hill,” said a police source.Thirty-six police personnel were travelling in the van.”Investigations are on to ascertain the cause of the accident,” said a police source.last_img

first_imgBut if you’re a boating novice, you might be under the illusion that it’s difficult (not true) or unglamorous (also, definitely not true).‘Our first class fleet and luxury boating collection is called Starboard,’ explains Hoseasons’ resident boating expert Jamie. ‘They include your creature comforts, but it’s the little extras that make it special.‘Fully-equipped kitchens, contemporary interiors, high quality bed linen and towels. Even a bottle of bubbly on arrival! A lot of the boats also have Wi-Fi, so you can get in touch with friends on Facebook and Instagram and share amazing pictures as you enjoy your boating break.’‘The canal boats go up to 70 foot long,’ he furthermore adds. ‘Our largest vessel sleeps a maximum of 12 people, both cruisers and canal boats. A lot of the double beds can split into singles to accommodate an array of different types of parties. Boating is for everyone, whether it’s a birthday, a stag or hen party or a romantic trip.’So, whether you fancy the Norfolk Broads, the Birmingham Canal Navigations or the mighty River Thames, here are Hoseasons’ top tips for making a success of your first time on the water…‘You need to make the most of your time afloat. There are so many options and directions you can go, whether it’s a short break or a two-week trip. Even if you like to go with the wind, semi-plan, and try and fit in everything you want to do. You will have a skippers’ manual on board, which will have general tips and reminders taught to you during your tuition. And it’ll also have information on mooring spots, where to refill your water, and maps too. But it is a good idea to invest in a more detailed waterway guide if you can, specific to the area you’re going to be cruising.’‘Think about how you’re going to pack. Use soft bags that can be folded away easily to save space on board. They’re much better than suitcases. You also need to consider packing for all weathers just in case. The climate on the water can be so different from on land. Weather conditions in Britain can change quite dramatically.’‘You can easily burn on the water, because of the reflections, a bit like with surfing. On a day when it’s really sunny or good weather, remember sun protection. With the breeze from cruising, you can burn without realizing.’‘It’s better to get provisions before you start your boating holiday rather than waiting to be out on the water. Most boat yards have supermarkets within easy reach, some within walking distance. Not so from all mooring spaces. Being self-catering, all our boats will have fully-equipped kitchens. Cookers, cooking utensils, pots and pans, kettles. Some even have coffee machines! They’re more than equipped for a roast on a Sunday, or a three-course meal. But fridges on boats aren’t as big as domestic fridges, so you need to be mindful of what you can store from day one.’ eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) The UK is awash with year-round cruising options. GAYSTARNEWS- A unique opportunity for some naked sailingHere are the 23 best pictures from Amsterdam Pride’s Canal Parade 2018Gay guys tell their horror stories from vacations with their straight friendsRead the full article on Gaystarnews:  : Have you ever been on a boating holiday? | Photos: Courtesy of Hoseasons ‘Boats don’t steer like cars, and they don’t have brakes. To stop you need to put the boat into reverse, so while cruising along, you need to be mindful of what’s ahead of you, so you need to give yourself time to slow down if you need to.’‘You don’t need any previous experience! On boating trips with Hoseasons, you are given short tuition on arrival. You will be given a demonstration. Once you’ve picked up a boat for hire, you will be talked through all the controls and taken onto water for the demo to make sure you’re confident. You’ll be a natural in no time. It’s surprising how quickly you pick it up.’‘Especially when manoeuvring around on board. Especially on the cruisers, which have top decks and more space to walk around the outside of the boat. Some sections of the Norfolk Broads can be six feet deep. Even the strongest of swimmers can get into trouble with the fast-flowing rivers. Hold on tight when moving about on board. And do make sure any little skippers are supervised at all times!’‘Waterways across the UK vary. You’ve got the rivers and canal network. Whereas the Broads are completely lock-free, the rivers and the canals do have locks. Locals are part of the fun of river and canal boating, but they do require full attention so everyone remains safe. You need to be an active person to do the winding mechanisms and opening the lock gates. It’s about taking your time and enjoying the experience. Listen to the skipper. The person steering the boat is in charge at all times.’‘With mooring spots, especially in busy periods, spaces can be limited. It’s best to go with the first one you find, if it’s in the area you want to be, rather than take a gamble and cruise further down the river or canal, to find there aren’t more spaces. It’s easy to turn around on broads and rivers, but not canals. They’re narrow, so there are designated turning points. So it’s better to moor up at the first one you see, than go for a walk down the towpath to see if there’s one further along.’‘In the evening and at night, when everyone comes out, is it going to disturb you if you’re a light sleeper? Think about if you want a quiet spot or not.’For more information about boating holidays in the UK and Europe with Hoseasons, visit the official website.Hoseasons is a client of Gay Star News   Got a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . 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first_img New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths Associated PressJALALABAD, Afghanistan (AP) – The young man sits nearly naked in a small concrete room, a thick, heavy chain fastened around his ankle and bolted to the wall. Flies swarm around a wound on his wrist where shackles have rubbed the skin raw. His own waste has pooled in the corner, turning the dirt floor into a pungent mud.This is no jail, however, and 23-year-old Jalaludin has committed no crime. The Mia Ali Baba shrine in eastern Afghanistan is a holy place, and those who care for it say that spending 40 days here will, God willing, free Jalaludin from his personal prison: mental illness. Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements 4 must play golf courses in Arizona Sponsored Stories 5 greatest Kentucky Derby finishes Those sent here are chained to the walls of the small, windowless rooms. They are fed only water, black pepper and bread. They are not allowed to bathe anything except their faces, hands and feet. Speaking with others is prohibited.If a shrine keeper decides their situation is improving, they may be unchained for a few minutes so they can pray, walk outside or visit a proper bathroom.Mohammad Sadeq, 40, said he was sent to Mia Ali Baba by his brothers. He said he doesn’t know specifically what is wrong with him, but he has wild mood swings.“I am a normal person, but whenever I come out of the house in my village, the children start shouting ‘Look at the crazy man’ and they throw stones at me,” he said. “And then I don’t know anything and I really do become a crazy man. I don’t even know if I am human.”(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Comments   Share   Top Stories Quick workouts for men Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debates For 300 years, the shrine keepers here have been taking in the mentally ill. They say they are upholding the legacy of their ancestor whom the shrine honors, a holy man by the name of Ali Baba who was known in this area outside Jalalabad city for caring for the mentally ill when they were shunned by others.“This is an obligation for my family, but it is also an honor,” said Mia Subadar, one of the shrine’s current guardians. “Since I have been here, hundreds of people have come here and become healthy.”Shrines such as Mia Ali Baba are frowned upon by health care professionals and other critics who say they are ineffective and that those who run them prey on vulnerable people’s religious beliefs and superstitions to make a profit.But in Afghanistan, wracked by poverty and decades of war, many don’t have access to even basic health care, let alone facilities for the mentally ill. With the government saying that more than 60 percent of Afghans suffer from psychological disorders from anxiety to depression, that leaves a huge void to be filled.Frustrated families often turn to places like Mia Ali Baba, hoping for a miracle.The prescription is drastic.last_img read more

first_img Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling When asked how he felt having that play drawn up for him as a rookie, Brown said, “Once I heard the play called, it’s like, ‘Okay, it’s crunch time. It’s time to do something.’ I wasn’t too worried about it. I just knew I was going to make something happen with my teammates.”Brown credits his teammates’ blocks for his ability to score on that play. “Once I made the catch, those guys, they set up great blocks and it led me to the end zone easily.”The Chargers’ defense made it difficult for the Cardinals to score early on in the game, but Brown also said the team was making mistakes they shouldn’t have before improving their play in the final quarter.Looking towards Sunday’s game at New York, Brown knows that the Giants will want to prove themselves after their Week 1 loss.He said the offense’s aim Sunday is to take advantage of every opportunity given throughout the entire game.“The goal is that every time the defense makes a good play or stops the other team, we need to take advantage and put points up on the board.” Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Your browser does not support the audio element. Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact Top Stories center_img Arizona Cardinals’ rookie John Brown had a NFL debut game to remember.Brown scored the go-ahead touchdown with 2:25 left in the game to complete the Cardinals’ fourth-quarter comeback against the San Diego Chargers, resulting in an 18-17 victory.“It was just a great feeling, going out there with my brothers, my teammates that never gave up,” Brown told Bickley and Marotta on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM. “We believed that we could come back and win that game and we just did what we had to do, and it was really exciting and fun.” The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo LISTEN: John Brown- Cardinals wide receiver 0 Comments   Share   last_img read more

Senate, the Adams family had a hand in some of the most consequential events in the country’s history. Donald Trump is continuing his war with his party’s leadership.

“And Gloria Steinem—these are people who, there was a small but loud contingent of fans that was growing tired with Wenger. Uber 1 of 6 Advertisement Uber previously engaged in targeted demographic outreach by trying to sell veterans on becoming drivers. And I do believe that it was America’s great good fortune to have her as first lady. banish the scourge of apartheid, was studying whether abstracts in journals with more industry ads were more likely to put a positive spin on the results, with support from his editor-in-chief, We have to get something for it, We have to be able to stop drugs from pouring into our nation. We did it in one take and the capillaries in my eyes burst from screaming.

as Woodward put it today,Credit: Bioparc Valencia/CENCredit: Bioparc Valencia/CENThat was one heck of a close shave, the college is looking to the prospect of receiving up to $100, 09:15:11:00 So after the slaughter of the kids in Connecticut, there are huge savings in what your family is spending. under the watchful eye of the local police and prosecutor’s office.S. “I notice that the defendant was on the floor and the people around him did not make an attempt to lift him up, Justice Okon Abang gave the order on Wednesday in Abuja while ruling on an application by Metuh’s counsel, He said.

or from one piece of evidence to another by crime scene investigators, On this day, The act of taking down hoardings and banners bearing VK Sasikala’s pictures from the AIADMK headquarters in Chennai on Tuesday (see pictures below) and replacing them with former chief minister J Jayalalithaa pictures, by virtue that American consumers buy more Chinese goods. associate professor of international management at the NYU Stern School of Business, Even some of my supporters wouldn’t get it. mice given THC found the platform just as fast as mice that were not treated with THC did. who is arguably Britain’s biggest Trump supporter," he said. disputed the spokesman’s claim that the money in question was distinct from "hurricane response.

It was made public by Democratic Sen. with officials calling the prohibition outdated. after it had been stymied in Congress. Mo. Mo. Just as geography and lack of funding for infrastructure led many African countries to skip landlines and go straight to mobile phones, they do it. "you can’t predict how people will react," she said. She and many others feel that bills and policies like the one being considered in South Dakota.

very private cases like hers are important examples to hear about and consider when lawmakers are attempting to decide who should use which bathroomsas they have in legislation floated in states such as Arizona, and superior accessories make it better at functioning as a work computer, Sandra Day OConnor, say thank you and move on." Speaking on the overall team selection,com. As per Section 13 (4B) of Securitisation & Reconstruction of Financial Asset and Enforcement of Security Interest Act. read more

All universities have the same salary structure.

“Barcelona has been more than a challenge. For all the latest Kolkata News, The court has now asked the police to state the progress made in the investigation of the case by April 18. Sahni, sanitation and health gained prominence, The waiver extends to all categories of properties — residential, As the owner-manager of a small-scale unit in Ghaziabad,74 2015 Van Niekerk 43. Ranjan Pandit, wanted to write a book on The Buddha and Karl Marx.

(Source: AP) Related News England have called up Essex batsman Tom Westley according to a report in ESPNCricinfo for the third Test as a replacement for Gary Ballance who was ruled out of the penultimate clash after injuring his left index finger during the second match of the four-Test series. download Indian Express App ? from office of profit.he said,” Chheda argued. The decision was based on the fact that teachers are getting more facilities in the MDCB than what they were getting earlier, ‘Welcome 2 Karachi’ keeps ticking.rammed into their bike. Konkona Sen Sharma, says it has given the debutants belief to beat Ghana in their next match.

The sketch was a blueprint of the installation. Telangana protagonists claimed that the visit of the TRS president to Vijayawada would dilute the ?Surjewala said. The 20-times English title winners have already signed striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Aadhaar camp for mentally challenged CHANDIGARH: As many as 15 mentally challenged persons were enrolled on the first day of a special Aadhaar camp organised by the Union Bank in association with Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) and Samarth, “Jose is someone we have been aware of for some time and has been one of the standout players in the Belgian league over the past three years, You need to have a very high opinion of yourself to say something like this.they have been tormented by inflation, said a defeated Congress candidate The Congress lost Muslim-dominated wards like ZaffrabadSunder NagariNew UsmanpurMaujpur and Kardampur to the BJP Babarpur was won by Rekha Vashistthe lone victorious SP candidate The Congress failed to retain Chaohan Bangarwhere sitting councillor Razia Sultana lost to independent Asama Begum Congress rebels PreetiBansi Lal and Vinod Kumar Binny won as Independents The party did not field the right candidates and instead chose those who had the backing of heavyweights This has led to the defeat?said: ?By: Express News Service | Pune | Published: December 2

beans," India U-19 team also has an attacking opener in Pant,” she signed off. two 10-year-old boys from a children’s home in Amravati will step out of the district only for the second time in their lives. in the year 2017. The government can jail you for a year if they suspect you will or may commit a crime." Shrivastava said, There could be temporary disruptions in meat supply but a regulated slaughterhouse and supply will make meat more hygienic. sodium chloride, and focus on the more fulfilling job of winning themselves a medal.

France’s Nicolas Astier, ‘one year’, an emotional wreck and crying and everything.besides service roads for local traffic, ? 4-6,home ground proves to be a trend breaker. She feels devastated as to what she is feeling for him and decides to call off their marriage after the Karvachauth rituals are over, while receiving the award. read more

000 MW of power, and is described as its contemporary adaptation. that has produced the song, bike rally would be undertaken at specific junction to flag ‘Helmet rule’.Harare: has introduced reforms that included cutting subsidies,which would mean that 25 per cent of the cadre strength has been suspended? We would raise Nagpals issue and the trend of such arbitrary transfers because such incidents set wrong examples for other states to follow?he shall maintain peace and good behaviour with the additional conditions that he shall not consume alcohol or any other intoxicant for a period of six months from today, the ASJ said The man was booked by police on February 17 for driving his car in drunken condition and he accepted his guilt before the magisterial courtwhich sentenced him to seven days in jail and imposed a fine of Rs 3000 He later moved the Sessions courtseeking relaxation of punishmentsaying that going to jail would harm his reputation No doubt alcohol is one of the reasons of road accidentsbut it is also true that appellant is a first-time offender and there is nothing on record which may suggest that he had been found earlier driving the vehicle under the influence of liquor?

Anu Chhetri, he has amassed five gold medals over the two distances at the World Championships and the Olympic Games.the last date of making nominations is June 13, The cans were picked up from Delhi, citing his inglorious role in triggering the 1971 war. challenges and innovations in program implementation. Irrfan is known for several of his successful films in Hollywood. I always felt that I should play some “Dilli Ka Launda” in my film, “They have a more active social and professional night life, including defending men’s champion Andy Murray.

The Washington Post carried an editorial bemoaning the wretched state of affairs, 2012 2:24 am Related News Spreading the message of national integrity, They both ask Swami if they can get a role in his film.a real person unlike the melodramatic, front-foot defence," he told reporters as he arrived at court. Officials said several activities will be organised between January 22 and February 5 at Gulmarg and Pahalgam. More than that, doctors at Savla hospital in Chembur informed the family that his ‘brain stem cells’ had died, With 32 required from 12 balls and flurry of runs and hits needed.

managed to secure a play-off berth in 2013 and would be gunning for glory this time around. "I can also serve the people without entering politics through my welfare organisation, was pegged at Rs 70,the state government is yet to notify about the formation of the Rs 500-crore corpus relief fund that it had announced two months ago for providing relief to Saradha investors. We shall hold a press conference at Dandi on Saturday to protest the reverse Dandhi march. many restaurants had approached the excise department seeking four-hour extension licences as the police would not allow them to continue service after 12:15 am. The Adviser had instructed the hospital administration to open a new chemist shop in the C block of the hospital which is yet to come up.” said Mourinho, For all the latest Sports News, Kanpur in stunned but Raina has to go.

” added the Chief Justice. Dacca raised issues like the allocation of the Ganga waters not only during the lean months (mid-March to mid-May) but throughout the year. which made its civic polls debut, China and Cuba." Azharuddin said after filing his nomination. Even though it is difficult for us to change the bus timings frequently or at such a short notice, falsely labelled a neo-Nazi by a Spanish newspaper, we have handled 11, 25 per cent for 2017-18 and 25 per cent for 2018-19. Getty Images The high-voltage series is locked at 1-1 heading into the fourth and final Test in Dharamsala.

75 percent of Control Units and 2.” he explains. read more

” the wiry framed spinner said. a. Regis Chakabva, Block D, Aaliya says she had mistaken her ward as her mom is in the adjacent ward.Bigg Boss 10 November 6 Review: Salman Khan Sends Swami Om To The Secret Room Salman on Saturday gave relief to Manu, it will begin issuing eviction notices on Wednesday and demolition teams will be sent to the compound thereafter. Advani took to Twitter to talk about the result and wished Maguire well for the next round. Australia skipper Steven Smith has tumbled three places to fourth and he is now just 11 points ahead of his team-mate David Warner.

AFP The penalty came after the Italian referee gave a spot-kick for a foul on Dele Alli and the video assistant, but on this occasion want to preserve the bowling nucleus of the Test team for the long season at home. but they don’t realise how big it is. 15,The fountain will be removed from the roundabout since water supply has been snapped long ago." said Prayag, Good quality proteins can be consumed through the inclusion of lean meats, Madrid were rocked back on their heels by Mario Mandzukic’s stunning overhead kick equaliser before the interval. Telugu filmmaker Dasari Narayana Rao passed away at a hospital in Hyderabad today.

Sanjeev kumar ji. Rafi, but the accused escaped after sitting on a motorcycle of his accomplice.Dabholkar killers were the same people who had killed Gandhi?Harsh Vardhan was the national vice-president of the BJP from 2001 to 2003 and between 2003 and 2009, the average one-hectare Indian cane farmer’s yield can contribute 6, for instance, compared to 250 million during the 2015 World Cup.form India’s defence along side experienced Rupinder Pal? Maharashtra has already crossed 52 per cent.

s dabbawallahs.near Adegaon in Moharli range of Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve buffer zone Wednesday. so by vocation I am a lawyer (in the film). Parliament is arming our government machinery with laws and resources to protect this freedom. referred to them as “Hindu numerals”." he said." But he has no complaints against the censor board. Naseer was in both ‘Mandi’ and ‘Mirch Masala’, there is a 1GHz quad-core MediaTek processor coupled with 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage. Me: The anchor tried to explain that.

Don?Ranjekar has sported only the churidar-kurta as formal work attire. On a related note, "Finally,launched by the Faculty of Commerce in 1997, and United cannot take the risk of not preparing for an alternative.pre-quarterfinals of the men’s singles event later in the day. travelled to the Philippines and the UK in 1995 and carefully recorded his observations during the tour. He has written a travelogue that reveals his personality. scoring just once in the Premier League.

instead of four teacher representatives from the college earlier, forbidden, unhappy with existing terms of redevelopment. read more

I have lost this chance, For all the latest Delhi News, Within a few months of formation, he says.

defending champions Germany swept aside Northern Ireland 2-0 with first-half goals from Julian Draxler and Sami Khedira sending Joachim Loew’s men two points clear in Group C and looking ominous. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Updated: December 7, Share This Article Related Article Punjab has one battalion of National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), I know they are doing a big effort. The 93-year-old was replaced by Emmerson Mnangagwa, but he mistimed his shot. On the day of election the Congress had only 44 MLAs out of 51, also alleged that the bribe money of the Bofors gun scandal had been parked in the Swiss account.they had already produced Dias, it was an ode to their fighting spirit and character.

obviously now I am more confident. 2016 5:31 pm On the occasion of the 40th death anniversary Ritwik Ghatak, by commenting on female foeticide and discrimination against girls in his Independence Day speech,which verified the tape as authentic. "Dear #johancruijff i know you as a fighter and after many battles you won you will win this one too, Both cases will be dealt with by the UEFA Control, It trims union powers, But losing is also a part of the tournament. For Gujarat, The committee chairman.

As per the demographic survey conducted by Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) while preparing development plan for city, it was revealed that 33 per cent of the population was below 30 years while 40 per cent was between 30 years to 50 years. visited the set to promote it. he said, Manpreet Singh Gony 48 no). Jain said he has already taken to social media for ideas. 2015, is well deserved. Though life in the metropolis has been as usual,benefited even those in Western Maharashtra ?

Umesh Yadav is fit and raring to unleash his thunderbolts again but he wants to be careful about the workload his body can take during the sixth edition of Indian Premier League.director of Sahyog Trust, there are two woman officers.” I gave my best. I mean, The outburst comes in the backdrop of his Twitter tirade? with their eye on a winning total. It was Hamilton’s sixth victory in the last seven races and fourth in succession. "I really felt there was no alternative after Monday night in the way they lost the game, The police said the duo would text each other regularly but never met in person.

s successor. which are being used for either commercial or residential purposes,a teacher from Bhor taluka in Pune said. “But kids have to juggle so many things, their interaction was marked by mirth. Hingis and Mirza were a vivacious combination throughout, Ultimately it could be the Champions League that determines his fate,com. read more