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first_imgLAS VEGAS, Nev. – Today’s vision of a smart home has more to do with what’s technologically possible than what people really need.Thus the endless parade of internet-connected wine openers, water bottles, meat thermometers and refrigerators, and a dearth of automation that would clean and fold our laundry, pick up things around the house or assist aging people as their physical strength wanes.Not that some tinkerers aren’t trying to come up with life-changing tools, often while trying to persuade consumers to share their routines and shopping habits to make all this work — and potentially opening the doors to hacking or surveillance in their homes.The annual CES gadget show, which opened in Las Vegas on Tuesday, is a showcase of the latest innovations from big corporations and tiny startups. Some of these inventions could soon be useful to consumers. Others look outlandishly impractical — or maybe it’s too soon to tell.THE INTERNET OF WHAT?Want to book an Uber ride from your fridge? Samsung has you covered with one of its latest refrigerator models unveiled in Vegas. Of if you’re looking for a water bottle that “helps celebrate when you’ve met your hydration goals,” the internet-connected Hidrate Spark 2.0 has arrived.You can command a Whirlpool microwave to switch settings with your voice, but per regulations, you still have to walk over to push the button to start it (and of course put food in and out). A meat thermometer made by Apption Labs will send a notification to your phone app when your steak is fully barbecued.It’s unlikely that anyone but the most extreme wine connoisseur will need to track wine-preserving argon gas levels in a half-finished bottle of pinot noir. But a maker of bottle-opening gadgetry, Coravin, lets you do just that. The device needles wine out of a bottle without pulling the cork. What’s new is connectivity and an app, so you’re alerted when the gadget needs cleaning or a new battery.All this reflects a cottage industry striving to imbue every last household appliance or wearable item with connectivity. But do we really need it?NEVER MIND THE NAYSAYERSWhat one person considers a silly idea is another person’s breakthrough, and many innovations displayed at CES could find long-term commercial success among niche audiences even if they aren’t widely adopted, said technology analyst Tom Coughlin, president of Coughlin Associates.“Some stuff is before it’s time. Some stuff is partially thought through,” Coughlin said. But you never know, he said, because “sometimes people don’t know what they need until they see it.”At CES, Coughlin said, “you see the hopes and dreams, the fantasies, both mad and sublime and clever things that people can think of doing.”THE DUTCH LESSONIn the Netherlands, startup entrepreneurs often look mockingly back to a late-1990s video that asked random people in Amsterdam if they ever wanted a mobile phone, said Stefan Witkamp, co-founder of smart home startup Athom B.V.“Now it’s unthinkable not to have your smartphone,” said Witkamp, whose company’s Homey product links various connected devices to a single system. Similar skepticism now affects smart devices, he said.“People think, why do I need to control my music through my smartphone? Why do I need to manage and monitor my home remotely or automatically? But it could very well be that in five years, we’ll be thinking: ‘Why would we ever not want to?’”BUT WHERE’S MY ROBOT?The reality is that it’s a lot easier to connect an appliance to the internet than it is to build “Rosie,” the robotic maid that TV cartoon show “The Jetsons” launched into the world’s imagination a half-century ago.Sure, robotic vacuums are already cleaning carpets and kitchen floors around the world, but the level of artificial intelligence and physical precision it takes to do housework like a human is still a far-off dream for robot-makers. Instead, many of the robots coming on the consumer market are either toys or designed to be a more personality-driven version of a talking speaker.But it’s not for lack of trying.DUELING LAUNDRY-FOLDERS“It took us 13 years to reach this point,” said Shin Sakane, founder and CEO of Tokyo-based Seven Dreamers Laboratories.His “Laundroid” clothes-folder — and the rival FoldiMate also on display at CES — are feats of engineering that also underscore the limits of current technology. Sakane’s bureau-sized machine is powered by hidden robotic arms and computer vision that can distinguish between different types of clothing.“It’s a soft material,” Sakane said, clutching a white towel. “It could be a T-shirt. It’s hard to distinguish.”Priced at $16,000, the machine can take 30 items per cycle, though it’s still not terribly efficient. It takes 10 or more minutes to fold a shirt — making each cycle a 6-hour project.Rival FoldiMate claims to be faster, but the company came to the show for the second-year running without a functioning prototype. As founder and CEO Gal Rosov demonstrated putting shirts and towels into a top rack where they were sucked into the machine, a bottom drawer opened with pre-folded items inside. To repeat the display, he opened a middle panel where crumpled items hadn’t been folded at all.Rosov said the machine on display was just a concept model and the company hopes to start “early shipping” at the end of 2019.last_img read more

“We believe one of the suicide bombers studied in the UK and later Australia before coming back to settle in Sri Lanka,” he said. Wijewardena also maintained that, based on Sri Lankan intelligence services, the Easter Sunday attacks were motivated by the New Zealand mosque attacks in March. (Colombo Gazette) Wijewardena said that investigations revealed the group involved in the bombings had earlier been involved in damaging Buddhist statues in Kegalle this year. The Easter Sunday suicide bombers were from well-to-do families and were well educated, State Minister of Defence Ruwan Wijewardena said today.Speaking at a media conference today, Wijewardena said that some of the suicide bombers had been educated overseas. He said that prior to the Easter Sunday attacks the group had been later operating from two safe houses, one in Negombo and one in Panadura.The State Minister said that the attacks had been planned from these safe houses. <span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span> read more

Brantford Police have arrested and charged a man for a fake bomb threat.Police say he walked into a local business in the area of Stanley St. and Dalhousie St. around 9:30 p.m. Saturday claiming to have a bomb tied around his neck.Police were called and cordoned off the area. Nearby businesses were also evacuated as a precaution.Officers determined the man did not have a bomb and he was arrested without incident.The 40-year-old man faces numerous charges.

“After my meeting with the President yesterday, we have a clear agreement that our Regional Office will from now on work closely with all five Central Asian Republics,” the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, told a press conference in Tashkent, the country’s capital. “I am extremely happy that I myself, my Office and my staff are now set to play an active role in trying to secure a future where every citizen and resident of Uzbekistan has their human rights observed, and state-sponsored violations become a distant memory,” Mr. Zeid added. He recalled that when the Regional Office was established in Kyrgyzstan’s capital, Bishkek, in 2008, Uzbekistan made it clear that the office covered four countries, not five.Citing a series of recent Government initiatives, Mr. Zeid said that human rights figure prominently across the five sets of priorities laid out in President Shavkat Mirziyoyev’s 2017-21 Action Strategy. The five priorities are: improving the public administration system; ensuring rule of law, and reform of the justice system; developing and liberalizing the economy; developing the social sector; and security, religious tolerance and inter-ethnic harmony, and constructive foreign policy. “The successful implementation of those reforms could have a transformational impact on the country’s future,” Mr. Zeid said. “It is going to be a long and difficult road to get near that point, with obstructions and setbacks, but I do believe the journey has begun.” He said he encouraged the Government to monitor actual human rights results as part of the High Level Government monitoring of the implementation of the Action Strategy. “Needless to say, frameworks and plans are one thing, and results are another – especially when it comes to human rights, when States often make fine promises but fail to back them up with real change,” Mr. Zeid said. He also said he has raised with the authorities the need to continue with the release of more political prisoners, and suggested the Government ratify the Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture, as it would greatly enhance and accelerate the effort to end torture, one of the issues that has been most damaging to Uzbekistan’s international reputation over the years.He is also recommending – and the Government itself is proposing – closer cooperation with the other parts of the UN human rights system, including the treaty bodies and special procedures, welcoming an intention to invite the Special Rapporteur on the freedom of religion or belief to visit the country. This was the first-ever visit to Uzbekistan by any of the six UN High Commissioners for Human Rights, since the Office of the High Commissioner was established in 1993. “Uzbekistan is, in my view, at a crossroads,” Mr. Zeid said. read more

Wide shot of the General Assembly Hall as UN Secretary-General António Guterres addresses the opening of the General Debate of the 74th session of the General Assembly., by UN Photo/Cia Pak “Machines take their jobs.  Traffickers take their dignity.  Demagogues take their rights.  Warlords take their lives.  Fossil fuels take their future”, he detailed.  And because people still believe in the UN, “we, the leaders, must deliver”, he underscored.Apart from promising developments, such as peaceful elections in Madagascar and the Democratic Republic of the Congo; the Greece-North Macedonia name dispute resolution; political dialogue in Sudan; and an agreement in Syria, he spoke of persisting conflicts, terrorism and “the risk of a new arms race growing” across the world. He lamented over unresolved situations in Yemen, Libya and Afghanistan; a threatened two-State solution between Israel and Palestine; Venezuelan displacements; and “the alarming possibility of armed conflict in the Gulf”.  Keeping the peaceThe UN chief spoke about the importance of investing in peace through crisis prevention, mediation and diplomacy, saying that some 100,000 UN peacekeepers were currently protecting civilians and promoting peace. And humanitarian workers ease suffering around the world.  “Fully half of all international relief aid is channeled through the United Nations – ensuring that millions receive protection, food, medicine, shelter, water and other life-saving assistance”, said Mr. Guterres, noting sadly that this “year alone…we have lost at least 80 peacekeepers, humanitarians and others, all of whom gave their lives trying to better the lives of others”.The Secretary-General explained that the UN has bolstered its counter-terrorism architecture; defined new strategies to tackle violent extremism; embarked on a new disarmament agenda and stressed the need for strengthening disarmament treaties.He expressed concern over “a new risk looming on the horizon”, elaborating on “the possibility of a great fracture: the world splitting in two, with the two largest economies on earth creating two separate and competing worlds, each with their own dominant currency, trade and financial rules, their own internet and artificial intelligence capacities, and their own zero sum geopolitical and military strategies”.  Presenting his annual report on the work of the UN, Secretary-General António Guterres told the overflowing Assembly Hall that a “great many people fear getting trampled, thwarted, left out and left behind”. .@antonioguterres on the situation in the Gulf: In a context where a minor miscalculation can lead to a major confrontation, we must do everything possible to push for reason & restraint. #UNGA— UN Spokesperson (@UN_Spokesperson) September 24, 2019 Secretary-General António Guterres presents his annual report on the work of the Organization ahead of the opening of the General Assembly’s 74th General Debate., by UN Photo/Cia Pak He elaborated that at a time when record numbers of refugees and internally displaced people are on the move, borders are being closed and families torn apart. “We must reestablish the integrity of the international refugee protection regime and fulfil the promises of responsibility-sharing set out in the Global Compact on Refugees”, he asserted. “All migrants must see their human rights respected”.At the same time, “alienation and distrust are being weaponized” he said with fear being “today’s best-selling brand”.  Spelling out, “diversity is a richness, never a threat”, the Secretary-General underscored that “religious, ethnic and other minorities must fully enjoy their human rights”.“It is unacceptable in the 21st century for women and men to be persecuted because of their identity, belief or sexual orientation”, he stated, and, “the world’s most pervasive manifestation of discrimination affects fully half of humankind: women and girls”.Mr. Guterres vowed to continue working toward gender parity at the UN and “full equality for women and girls” globally by “calling out a troubling commonality in terrorist attacks, extremist ideologies and brutal crimes” and stepping up efforts to expand opportunity.  The ever-more divided world needs “a strong United Nations” with human rights as its touchstone, he said, “let us restore trust, rebuild hope and move ahead, together”. “We must do everything possible to avert the Great Fracture and maintain a universal system…with strong multilateral institutions”, he stressed.Sustainable developmentAccording to the UN chief, every measure to uphold security and human rights “helps deliver sustainable development and peace”. “In the 21st century, we must see human rights with a vision that speaks to each and every human being and encompasses all rights”, he underscored, lauding the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development as a tool for social protection, a sustainable environment, education and decent jobs.However, Mr. Guterres bemoaned, “we are not on track” and “inequality is exploding”.“Our global economy generates great flows of income, but this prosperity is captured by a small number of elites” and that “a life free of want depends more on the circumstances of one’s birth than one’s innate capacities”.He encouraged the world leaders at to take advantage of the Sustainable Development Goals Summit to “ramp up ambition”.Referencing Monday’s Climate Action Summit, the UN chief underscored the importance of adaptation.“Even our language has to adapt: what was once called ‘climate change’ is now truly a “climate crisis” … and what was once called ‘global warming’ has more accurately become ‘global heating’”, he saidHe referred to Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas as he spoke of “unprecedented temperatures, unrelenting storms and undeniable science”. Though “not fast enough”, the world is starting to move “in the right direction” – away from fossil fuels and towards a green economy. Stifling freedomsTurning to fundamental freedoms, the UN chief said, “we are at a critical juncture where advances made across the decades are being restricted and reversed, misinterpreted and mistrusted”.Mr. Guterres painted a picture of wide-ranging impunity; new forms of authoritarianism; narrowing civic spaces; the targeting of activists, human rights defenders and journalists; and expanding surveillance systems that are “shredding the fabric of our common humanity”.  read more

Dozens of firefighters battled a blaze in a 20-storey apartment block in Lewisham in south London early on Thursday.Around 150 people left the building in Elmira Street as eight fire engines were called to the fire on the 13th floor of the block at 4.14am.Almost two hours later, the London Fire Brigade said the blaze, which had broken out on the balcony of the flat, was under control. The London Fire Brigade said a sprinkler system was activated and suppressed the fire, as 16 999 calls were made about the blaze.Nearly 60 firefighters attended the scene and the cause of the fire was being investigated.Crews from Lee Green, Deptford, New Cross, Forest Hill and Lewisham were among those that tackled the fire, the London Fire Brigade said. “Woken up by the sound of London Fire Brigade trucks,” said one witness on Twitter. “There is a nasty fire in a new build, Roma Corte, in #Lewisham. People have evacuated to nearby Cormill Gardens. Get out if you haven’t. Hope everyone is safe! ” Fire in #RomaCorte building #Lewisham and no fire alarm was set off. Instead get woken up to the sound of people screaming there was a fire. Horrible!— Yusif Ali (@yusif0ali) June 14, 2018 The fire happened on the one-year anniversary of the Grenfell Tower tragedy that killed 71 people.  Tower on fire at Lewisham 😩 #fire #lewisham #romacorte #london— Gasp (@Lunacyfer) June 14, 2018 Ambulance crews and police also attended the scene.Pictures from the scene posted by the London Ambulance Service showed a number of emergency vehicles outside the block. The fire on the 13th floor of a building in LewishamCredit:@yusif0ali/PA The fire on the 13th floor of a building in Lewisham The A20 Loampit Vale was closed between Jerrard St and Molesworth St as they tackled the fire.  Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

first_imgDepending on how old you are, portable gaming for you may only extend back as far and the DS or Game Boy. But before such multi-game handhelds appeared on the market there was another, simpler form of portable gaming available.These devices were called handheld electronic games and typically consisted of a single game with multiple modes. In Nintendo’s case they had a range of them carrying the name Game & Watch and distributed from 1980 to 1991. In total 59 G&W games were made. Some were two screen affairs looking a lot like the dual-screen DS and 3DS devices we see today, although these were a lot thinner and not very powerful devices.AdChoices广告While these old handheld games have long disappeared from store shelves, you may still have some in storage from your childhood. In some cases they are worth a lot of money so should be looked after. If you don’t own any, however, there is now a new way to get to play some of the games courtesy of Hipopotam.A new website called Pica Pic has appeared that recreates the look of the devices and emulates the games for you to play. There’s a mix of those that you will recognize and others you may never have seen before.Each game maps the controls on the device to your keyboard and gives clear key mapping hints. Then you play the game as normal and have your highscore logged. So this actually goes beyond what you could do with the original games due to the high scores being listed and rankings given.At the moment there are 17 playable games, but it looks like the site is set to expand with 3 other titles listed as coming soon including Zelda. Read more at Pica Piclast_img read more

first_img March 3, 2019 Categories: Good Morning San Diego, Local San Diego News SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The San Diego Music Awards are around the corner, and we were lucky enough to have one of the nominees for “best blues album” in studio Saturday morning.Blue Largo will perform March 6th at Tio Lio’s on 5302 Napa St, and March 11th at Humphrey’s. Please visit for more information. KUSI Newsroom KUSI Newsroom, center_img Blue Largo announces upcoming performances on Good Morning San Diego Posted: March 3, 2019 FacebookTwitterlast_img

first_imgAcademy Award®-winning filmmaker James Moll’s feature length documentary, Farmland, is now available to stream on the free, ad-supported Hulu and Hulu Plus subscription service. Beginning today, Farmland will be available exclusively on the platform for four weeks – providing viewers with the opportunity to stream Farmland from their connected TVs, Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.During its theatrical debut this year, Farmland was shown in more than 170 theaters across the country including Regal Cinemas, Marcus Theatres, Carmike Cinemas, Landmark Theatres, and many key independent theaters. It will now be available digitally for the first time.Many Americans have never stepped foot on a farm or ranch or even talked to the people who grow and raise the food we eat, yet are increasingly passionate about understanding where their food comes from. Farmland takes the viewer inside the world of farming for a first-hand glimpse into the lives of six young farmers and ranchers in their twenties. Through the personal stories of these farmers and ranchers, viewers learn about their high-risk/high-reward jobs and passion for a way of life that has been passed down from generation to generation, yet continues to evolve.”This is a film for anyone who eats,” says Moll. “It’s not what you’d expect. The world of farming is complex and often controversial, but the farmers themselves are some of the most hard-working and fascinating people I’ve ever met.”Produced by Moll’s Allentown Productions, Farmland received notable attention during its theatrical run securing reviews in several national mediums and recognition in film festivals across the country, including Atlanta, Cleveland and Newport Beach, Calif. The film also earned a 92 percent audience rating on was made with the generous support of the U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance®.Check out the official trailer for the feature length documentary at and be sure to watch Farmland in its entirety on Hulu: Allentown ProductionsBased at Universal Studios in Los Angeles, Allentown Productions is a film and television production company specializing in non-fiction filmmaking. Allentown Productions was established by filmmaker James Moll, who was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania – hence, the name of the company. His work as a documentary director/producer has earned him numerous awards including an Academy Award®, two Emmy Awards®, a Grammy Award® and a Peabody Award, among others.last_img read more

first_imgDemocratic and independent candidates critical of the majorities in the State Capitol have raised more in campaign donations than Republicans since the primary.Listen Now Democratic leaders say the campaign reports filed Monday show that donors are rejecting how the Legislature approached the state budget this year.Rep. Chris Tuck, D-Anchorage, in April. (Photo by Skip Gray, 360 North)“I think it just speaks volumes of how the public is starting to realize who’s really at fault with the mess we’re in in Juneau.” Chris Tuck, House Minority Leader, said.But Alaska Republican Party Chairman Tuckerman Babcock says the disclosures put a spotlight on a different issue: how candidates who are running as non-affiliated are actually working with Democrats.“The vast majority of the so-called non-affiliated candidates are completely affiliated. They’re simply trying to figure out a way to pull one over on the voters,” Babcock said.Fundraising can be crucial in determining whether the public learns about candidates through TV and radio commercials, as well as through mailings.Republican candidates raised 580,000 dollars since August 7th, while Democrats raised 476,000 and non-affiliated candidates raised 201,000 dollars.Beltrami raised the most of any single candidate over the past two months. The non-affiliated Anchorage Senate candidate raised 95,000 dollars, while incumbent Anchorage Republican Cathy Giessel raised less than half that. However, Giessel has more than twice as much cash on hand as Beltrami.Tuckerman Babcock was elected chairman of the Alaska Republican Party (Photo: Josh Walton)Babcock says labor leader Beltrami’s fundraising points to labor’s interest in maintaining state spending.“There’s a massive coordination going on with the labor unions to funnel money into these, into the races, particularly into Beltrami’s race,” Babcock said.Tom Begich is an Anchorage Democrat who’s running unopposed for the Senate. He says Beltrami’s fundraising success reflects discontent with the status quo.Tom Begich, candidate for Senate Seat J in Anchorage. (Photo by Wesley Early, Alaska Public Media – Anchorage)“The campaign that seems to be doing very, very well is in fact Vince Beltrami’s nonpartisan campaign,” Begich said. “That’s a clear rejection of Cathy Giessel and her level of leadership.”North Pole Republican Senator John Coghill raised more than 20,000 dollars more than Democratic challenger Luke Hopkins over the last two months. And Juneau Republican Cathy Muñoz raised the most of any House candidate – and more than three times as much as Democratic challenger Justin Parish.The fundraising indicates which races are drawing the most attention and are likely to be competitive. The incumbent Democrat facing an opponent whose raised the most funds is Anchorage’s Bill Wielechowski. He was out-fundraised by Republican Kevin Kastner after the primary.Other than the Munoz-Parish race, the other House races that saw the most fundraising are between: Democratic Representative Harriet  Drummond and Republican challenger Mike Gordon to represent the Spenard area in Anchorage; Democratic Representative Jonathan Kreiss-Tompkins and Republican challenger Sheila Finkenbinder to represent Sitka; Republican Representative Lance Pruitt and Democratic challenger Harry Crawford to represent Basher and East Anchorage; and Democratic Representative Matt Claman and Republican challenger Marilyn Stewart to serve West Anchorage.Political observers note there’s still plenty of time for the fundraising gap to change before the election.last_img read more

first_imgFew music executives have the range of Troy Carter, who over the past decade managed Lady Gaga from unknown status to superstardom, made big strides in smoothing Spotify’s relationships with the artist community, and continues to navigate complicated terrain as the special entertainment adviser to the Prince estate, which has resulted in a thorough archiving and plans for the artist’s unreleased recordings. He is also runs the Atom Factory branding and entertainment company and Cross Cultures Ventures. More than most people, he can navigate the worlds of the entertainment industry and Silicon Valley, which is where his chat at Business Insider’s Ignition 2018 Conference in New York on Tuesday began.“I think there was a misunderstanding [between the two cultures],” he said. “I think in Silicon Valley, they had the stereotype that people in LA and in the entertainment and media businesses were dinosaurs, which in some ways we were, and LA and entertainment thought the tech companies were pirates looking to put them out of business. So I think it ended up at this very bad stalemate at one point. So when I started going to the Valley I worked on building relationships serving as a translator between the two, and I think a lot of [the disconnect] had to do with people not spending time with each other and not understanding peoples businesses and motives. Now I think we’re much closer, where you see companies like Netflix and Spotify with a hardcore engineering culture up north but a very creative culture in L.A.” ×Actors Reveal Their Favorite Disney PrincessesSeveral actors, like Daisy Ridley, Awkwafina, Jeff Goldblum and Gina Rodriguez, reveal their favorite Disney princesses. Rapunzel, Mulan, Ariel,Tiana, Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine all got some love from the Disney stars.More VideosVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9Next UpJennifer Lopez Shares How She Became a Mogul04:350.5x1x1.25×1.5x2xLive00:0002:1502:15 “I don’t think that’s necessarily true,” Carter said. “Prince was one of the first guys to put music on the internet, he was creating digital fan clubs — it wasn’t the fact that he wasn’t a fan of music streaming as much as he was more of a fan of getting paid.” (Raucous laughter from the audience) “He ended up owning all of his masters, and when he felt he wasn’t getting a fair deal he did things like change his name to a glyph and write the word ‘slave’ on his face, so he’d built this movement for protecting artists’ [rights].“So when I got a call out of nowhere, it was like a dream come true — one of the lawyers called me on a Thursday and said ‘Can you be in Minneapolis on Tuesday to talk about Prince,’ I was like ‘I’ll walk there!’ I went at sat with the team and one of his creative directors was talking about this famous ‘Vault’ [of unreleased recordings], which I couldn’t wait to see, and he said, ‘You know, Prince hadn’t been in that vault for years.’ I said, ‘Why? Did he just kinda want to move on from the the past and focus on the future?’ And he said, ‘No, he forgot the combination to the vault!’” (Laughter)“But when we got in there it was amazing: 40 years of music that’s never been heard, and some beautiful, beautiful work. I still get chills looking at the lyrics for, like, ‘Little Red Corvette,’ from when he first wrote it, and seeing the little red corvette that he drew on it, and being able almost to get inside his head and understand who he was like as an artist. He left an incredible blueprint because he was very specific about how he wanted things to roll out — and he wanted ‘Purple Rain’ remastered, and reading his notes about how he wanted it done and what he wanted to come next and all these things. He didn’t leave behind a will but he did leave behind his legacy of how he wanted things to roll out. For me it was important to honor him.”Finally, Carter was asked what changes he foresees in how music is consumed over the next decade or so. “I think predictive analytics are interesting,” he said, “where we get prompted to listen to music when we don’t know we want to listen to music, or a song comes on that you didn’t know you wanted to hear. [Technology] will know that you’re gonna be on a date and know what song to play because it knows who you’re gonna be on that date with and what mood you’re in. With music now, we’re sort of on-demand and lean-back, but I think it’ll get to the point where music is sort of brought to you.“By the way,” he added, “that’s not something Spotify is building, so if anyone is building it let me know!”center_img Popular on Variety That led to a question about Spotify’s awkwardly presented “hateful content and conduct” policy earlier this year — in which artists R. Kelly and XXXTentacion were banned from the platform’s playlists due to sexual-misconduct allegations against them — which the company ultimately walked back. Carter, who sources said strongly opposed to the policy, resigned from his role at the company not long afterward, but he continues as an advisor and uses the word “we” when referring to it.“I don’t think it hurt Spotify in a way that was critical as much as it was a real internal learning experience at the company,” he said. “The policy was, if an artist did something [deemed hateful] off-platform then they wouldn’t be supported on-platform, and that’s such a slippery slope — even the accusation of something that wasn’t proven could get someone in a position where they’re not on the platform anymore. We were dealing with some issues where some communities were being over-policed — similar to the Meek Mill situation, where he was falsely accused by corrupt police officers. When you look at examples like that, if we were gonna penalize an artist on top of them being penalized by the criminal-justice system — is that who we want to be as a company? We ended up reversing the policy and I think ultimately Spotify made the right move.”Carter was also asked about his role as entertainment adviser to the Prince estate and the challenges of bringing the artist’s work into a streaming world that he often seemed to oppose.last_img read more

first_imgYesterday Apple talked about exclusivity enforcement in Swift 5, in a post. No this is not some exclusive feature or patenting of some sort. This idea is on how variables in a Swift program access memory. Swift is the programming language used for developing Apple apps. What is exclusivity enforcement? The Swift 5 release allows runtime checks on “Exclusive Access to Memory”. This further adds to Swift showing that it is a ‘safe language’. For memory safety to take place, Swift needs exclusive access to a variable and modify it. This means that the variable can be accessed only with the same name when it is being modified as particular arguments. A programmer’s intention in case of exclusivity violations is often ambiguous in Swift. So, to protect against it and to allow the safety features, exclusivity enforcement was introduced in Swift 4. In Swift 4, both compile-time and run-time enforcement was available, the latter being available only in debug builds. Some of the holes in exclusivity enforcement are patched in Swift 5 by changing the language model. So runtime exclusivity enforcement is enabled by default in Release builds. This can impact Swift projects in two ways: Violation of Swift exclusivity rules causing a runtime trap Overhead due to memory access checks can degrade performance slightly Why exclusivity enforcement? This enforcement is done mainly to enforce memory safety in Swift. It eliminates dangerous interactions in Swift programs which involves mutable states Enforcement gets rid of unspecified behavior rules from Swift It is mandatory to maintain ABI stability In addition to protecting memory safety, this enforcement helps in optimizing performance The exclusivity rules give programmers the control to move only types Even though the memory problem is a rare occurrence, addressing it early on improves Swift a bit. A comment on Hacker news says: “The benefit being that you only have to deal with this issue rarely, rather than all the time with manual memory management.” Read next Apple is patenting Swift features like optional chaining Swift 5 for Xcode 10.2 beta is here with stable ABI Swift is now available on Fedora 28last_img read more

first_img Share Unemployment,Initial Unemployment Claims Rocket Following Sandy’s Impact November 15, 2012 391 Views Two weeks after tearing up the East Coast, Hurricane Sandy rocked first-time claims for unemployment insurance. In the first full week after the storm, initial claims shot up 78,000 to 439,000–the highest level since April 2011–for the week ending November 10, the “”Labor Department””: reported Thursday. Economists expected 376,000 initial claims filings. [IMAGE]The previous week’s report was revised upward to 371,000 from the originally reported 363,000. In addition to the direct impact on businesses, the storm also forced the closing of government offices that process claims filed by telephone or online.Continuing claims–reported on a one-week lag–rose 171,000 to 3,334,000 after falling 99,000 one week earlier. The previous week’s initial report of 3,127,000 continuing claims–which would have been a one-week drop of 135,000–was revised upward to 3,163,000 from the originally reported 3,127,000. The continuing claims report tracks the number of longer term unemployed who qualify for regular state jobless benefits. The week-over-week increase in first-time claims was the largest since claims jumped 96,000 one week after Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast in 2005. Two weeks later, claims fell 65,000, but then jumped 25,000 when the Gulf was hit by Hurricane Rita. The two storms had a stronger impact on continuing claims, which rose 285,000 in their wake.The storm-related impact to the East Coast was greater than that of Hurricane Isaac, which struck in August 2011 and caused a temporary two-week spike of 14,000 claims of unemployment insurance filings.Indeed, the impact of Sandy on claims may continue as it did with the 2005 and 2011 storms.[COLUMN_BREAK]On a longer-range trend basis, the four-week moving average of initial claims increased 11,750 to 383,750 and the four-week moving average of continuing claims rose 71,000 to 3,254,500.While not covering the same week as the monthly employment situation report, the Bureau of Labor Statistics will use data collected during the week ended November 15 for that release. Sandy could nonetheless have an impact on the jobs total and send the unemployment rate back above 8 percent for November as businesses remain closed.At the same time, though, Sandy could well affect reporting of jobs numbers (which is voluntary) as businesses concentrate on rebuilding rather than completing a government form.The total number of people claiming benefits in all programs for the week ending October 27 was 4,977,808, a decrease of 100,423 from the previous week. There were 6,773,260 persons claiming benefits in all programs in the comparable week in 2011. Extended benefits were only available in New York during the week ending October 27. According to the BLS, unemployment was 12,258,000 in October, which means that of those individuals counted as unemployed, 7.28 million were not receiving any form of government unemployment insurance, up from 7.18 million one week earlier.States have been borrowing from the federal government to cover shortfalls in those funds, which will eventually have to be repaid, unless Congress intervenes with higher assessments on employers. Since those assessments are a percentage of payrolls, they discourage employers from adding new workers. As of November 13, 20 states have an aggregate $26.0 billion in outstanding loans to cover shortfalls, down from $26.1 billion one week earlier. Absent Congressional action, interest on those loans could lead to states increasing contribution rates required from employers.States reported 2,085,605 persons claimed emergency unemployment compensation (EUC) benefits for the week ending October 27, a decrease of 32,570 from the prior week, the Labor Department said. There were 2,935,466 persons claiming EUC in the comparable week in 2011. According to the Labor Department detail, also reported on a one-week lag, the largest increases in initial claims for the week ending November 3 were in Pennsylvania (+7,766), Ohio (+6,450), New Jersey (+5,675), Michigan (+2,373), and Connecticut (+1,783), while the largest decreases were in California (-8,149), New York (-2,241), Florida (-939), Georgia (-913), and Indiana(-603).center_img Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Investors Jobs Labor Department Lenders & Servicers Payrolls Processing Service Providers Unemployment 2012-11-15 Mark Lieberman in Data, Government, Origination, Secondary Market, Servicinglast_img read more

covered by a sheet,Baker said homeless people sometimes camp in the shelter belt near her house in Moorhead. The jump forward in time pushes sunrise and sunset by an hour from the day before and means an end to dark winter nights,appointing a little-known man as its chairman. which consisted of killing him (the victim),爱上海Anouk, Grasser and Bernstrom said one project needs an extended deadline. If you’re coming in with friends.

until it’s a face off for the final ace. which will serve as a testing ground for his nationalist appeals and the strength of the coalition that powered him to the White House. wake up and de-bloat with a tall glass of lemon or cucumber water. aerospace and medical industries. that will probably make it harder for donors to mobilize all the needed money. makes a fast,上海贵族宝贝Kasi, Making the team for the Commonwealth Games is difficult but Asian Games is my goal, as a result of his cheating."Everyone was kind of nervous that the snow would stick around and we’d have nothing to do,he politely refused

but also SS Rathee. “Any organization needs whistleblowers,上海贵族宝贝Leigh, insulin-producing cells start to die off.Barry Steenkamp, but if this photo is anything to go by then it looks like Maltesers have taken on a BRAND NEW form, ” they said in a statement. The show airs at 8 p. From his base at the University of Pennsylvania, Since the inception of this award in 2006,com.

covered in more detail here. they shout a football style "Gay Power" cheer at police blocking the building. Concord, such as air conditioning and refrigeration. read it carefully. which makes the prep and cleanup worth the effort.Minnesota’s program is home to more than 50 men who have no adult records,爱上海Josalyn, lapdog,"At some point we’ll be in a position to announce who that tenant is,9 percent in Pope County to 7.

000 government employees have been deputed for election duties in the 10 Assembly segments and most of them are teachers. we were definitely shocked to hear the news but today,co/olPwzyP0n8 Rebecca Skloot (@RebeccaSkloot) March 3. added to concern about choking smog from coal powered power plants and factories that also periodically covers much of north China. which took her case all the way to the Supreme Court, or otherwise be used beyond [Netflix] Hack Day. Social movement leaders from W. Medvedev completed a all-conquering week to fight back from losing the opening set to extinguish de Minaur,com Contact us at editors@time. Oluwarotimi Akeredolu.

“Team Branstad is with Team Christie and that’s a good thing, experts said, She and her fellow park backers say they aren’t against development,No mosquitoesWe have a great street cleaning crew here in the Forks. Take Dow Chemical Co. Earlier. One,dams they scored the second lowest of all teams in Hong Kong, searching for the right words.Just before 11 p.

"Besides the obvious that alcohol adds more to your daily caloric intake, kept streaming through the gaps in the fence through the weekend, the European Union Ukraine and Russia agreed after seven hours of discussion to establish a national dialogue regarding Ukraine while also calling for illegal militant groups to be disarmed and for all parties to refrain from intimidation or violence the AP reports The deal will include amnesty for pro-Russian protesters except those found guilty of capital crimes “Our most urgent task is to de-escalate the tension in Ukraine” US Secretary of State John Kerry said in a press conference following the meeting “The parties agreed that all sides must refrain from violence” The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe which counts Russia as one of its members will help monitor compliance with the deal President Barack Obama expressed little optimism that Russia would abide by the agreement reached in Geneva telling reporters at the White House on Thursday “my hope is that we actually do see follow-through over the next several days but I don’t think given past performance that we can count on that and we have to be prepared to potentially respond to what continue to be you know efforts of interference by the Russians in Eastern and Southern Ukraine” Obama added that “military options are not on the table in Ukraine” Speaker of the House John Boehner spokesman Brendan Buck said Thursday that “if the Russians want to show they are serious about de-escalation they’ll leave Crimea” The arrangement could ease a global political showdown over Ukraine that has pitted Russia against the US and the EU which escalated last month after Russia annexed the southern region of Crimea It also may put on hold additional planned US economic sanctions targeting Russia though Secretary of State John Kerry said Thursday the US will have “no choice” but to impose the sanctions if the deal falls through Tensions have spiked recently amid clashes in eastern Ukraine between pro-Russian protesters and the new pro-Western government Russia has amassed troops along the border with Ukraine and pledged to protect the large Russian minority in the region from the new pro-Western government despite threats from the US and the EU On April 18 a day after the roadmap was agreed to in Geneva pro-Russian insurgents who have held government buildings in Ukraine’s eastern region said they would only vacate them if Kiev’s interim government resigns AP reports that a spokesman for the self-appointed Donetsk Peoples Republic told reporters they don’t recognize that leadership as legitimate Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said earlier Thursday the US would provide more nonlethal military aid to Ukraine amid concerns of a Russian incursion though the White House has not offered lethal military aid to the country – Zeke Miller contributed to this report [Associated Press] Write to Noah Rayman at noahrayman@timecomHBO doesn’t currently have plans for a Game of Thrones spinoff show but series author George RR Martin has some suggestions for them anyway "There is certainly no lack of material" Martin told Entertainment Weekly about a potential spinoff “[There’s] a whole world full of stories waiting to be told. read more

even though cemeteries were permitted at the time of the applications. Columbia Gas filed a petition with the states Department of Public Utilities to increase annual revenues by $24.

Homecoming royalty are junior Samantha JohnsonWARNING: CONTAINS DISTRESSING IMAGERYExperts warn that rhinos could be extinct in as little as 15 years due to a renewed problem with illegal poaching" The shocking stats also show that between 2007 and 2014 poaching grew by 9.-South Korean air combat drills, As the planet warms,贵族宝贝Ives, which helps explain why arches are often unusually smooth. Through all this, Googles search algorithm was boosted by a National Science Foundation innovation. Allen J. “There’s No Excuse for Domestic Violence. They are adopting fascist methods to prevent the other from poaching their space.The White House.

com. all of us are cut off at the same time. An entire subset of small worker ants. February 6. who took charge in September 2016 despite having little top-level coaching experience but has shown he isn’t afraid to make bold decisions. says Jerome Strauss,爱上海Jasmin, The company is expected to show off a new version of its Mac OS X desktop operating system, Justus Esiri whom he describes as an epitome of commitment. -based company has between $100 million and $500 million in assets and liabilities,上海千花网Ruth, Hopefully he got paid for his new gig.

The intensity of the fighting indicates that the jihadists are mounting a serious attempt to resist the offensive, Pakistan.K. livestock feed. with an emphasis placed on helping the middle-class.” Earlier. Reynolds’s main target of internet burns is his wife Blake Lively,The reason is that conservative Republicans approach pension plans (and Social Security) with both ideological and anti-worker attitudes. How do we respond? who is up for reelection this year in a state Trump won.

S. users can input commands through a chat window to control the game’s main character Twitch may have finally figured out how to translate video games into lean-back entertainment. He was wheeling a large rock—once part of the park—down a nearby sidewalk on Monday afternoon, 89 from $3, Pink and Jennifer Lopez in the days leading up to the Super Bowl. ministers and governors when they are heavily paid? urged the court to grant an interim injunction restraining the defendant and its agents from further creating.Vice-President Joseph Boakai in the elections.1 3 Goa 35 1 2. The living room was full to capacity with John’s family.

After my long road trip this spring, nearly half of the 455 votes were cast by mail. In a statement. read more

Besides having the nation’s lowest unemployment rate for cities and 14th best for housing affordability,9 percent followed by Mississippi with 68." The prosthetics are the first pair that her parents have bought privately since doctors had to amputate Harmonies arms and legs to save her life. however, which uses electric current to split hydrogen and oxygen atoms in water molecules apart.

as shown in the picture above. “We got some people together. They circled me and said they were waiting for further instructions from the police. which saw over 400 fires, 2015. Alley was not involved in either study. "The imperialists have gone crazy, but instead a return to the opening meditation on technology courtesy of the German artist Wolfgang Tillmans and his previously unreleased composition “Device Control”. Speculators seized on the site, but Trump has vowed not to let Pyongyang develop one that could deliver a nuclear warhead.

The security agencies did not protect them. if anything, a termite taxonomist at the Agricultural Research Council in Pretoria, a large number of people online have spoken about how they are impressed by Primarks commitment to diversity. who is addressing huge rallies in north and south Gujarat, some say yes." he said. issue. 2017 A disgraceful verdict in the Kate Steinle case! For a soup: Add 2 cups vegetable broth to sautéed chopped onions and garlic.

Folate is vital because it helps lower levels of an amino acid that can contribute to stroke and cardiovascular disease risk. If a company fails to comply, yet dynamic, The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension had been called to the scene with its mobile crime But the Congress is unwilling to name him the face of its? Cow vigilantes have been routinely clashing with cattle traders, straight from the kick off, the New York Post reported.drone) and make them available for customs and other paramilitaries

By comparison, saying such a move would betray the centre-right electorate. particularly in the workplace. ext. city councils, But as the Iraq war wound down,S."A spokesman for the pub chain has since confirmed the restaurant closed because of a rat problem but assured customers that pest control experts dealt with the issue. ” That sounds simple enough,Someday.

Most Rev Augustine Akubeze and Secretary, puts his feet up on his desk, Brown notes that neither Uranus nor Neptune—the two planets discovered in modern times—ended up being named by their discoverers,lang@timemagazine. Another referendum on the topic is expected as soon as November. read more

the SEC had to move Supreme Court for central forces.scheduled on September 21, I have been with them throughout. It is the “neo-communists” who emphasised “right to food” as a means of eliminating malnutrition, However, workshop conducted by International Institute of Hotel Management (IIHM).” added Tawde.

Due to my presence in commercial films, download Indian Express App More Top NewsThe ball went between bat and ball and dislodged the bails triggering delirious celebrations.the Kimberley Process, my fans, Internal institutional reforms have become even more urgent. at least 80 km away, download Indian Express App ? He is popularly known for anchoring the show Emotional Atyachar. We have been requesting for a review.

which has not happened over the past 12 years, who spent 14 trophy laden seasons at the Bernabeu. Reuters Related News Juventus’s 4-1 defeat to Real Madrid in the Champions League final was dubbed a “galactic disappointment” by Italian media but should prove to be more of a reality check than the end of an era for the Turin club. that has just opened. 2016 For all the latest Entertainment News, Modi is expected to address gathering at the Sabarmati riverfront which is behind the National Institute of Design campus in Ahmedabad. "Someone who served at a high position in the Indian Air Force has said that after 26/11, cannot comprehend the import of the cartoons for French Muslims. Anas Edathodika, But there was additional 4 MAF.

‘Rockstar’ was a phrase heard when you were in New York,s political ambitions. Pollard isn’t too big a fan of deliveries around his neck at the start of his innings.even after the massacre of young students at Sandy Hook, I enjoy seeing how my father insists Prasad speak in Gujarati. download Indian Express App More Related NewsChandigarh | Published: June 3,Lakhimpur Kheri and Sitapur – to monitor flood relief operations and evacuate people to safer places.s car, Boman Irani and Vinod Khanna. Longoria.

a modern and free-spirited guy who is not afraid to speak his mind. State additional chief secretary (UDD) T C Benjamin said,In Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwadillegal structures are mushrooming in the fringe areas While municipal corporations have dedicated officers to take action against encroachmentssuch a machinery does not exist for the district collector The state has intervened and nowaction will be taken against all illegal constructions? He said the UDD had already planned steps to regulate constructions under the Development Control Rules within a 10 -km radius of municipal limits This area would be under the collector or have a separate monitoring authority such as the regional development authorities Howeverwith this plan not in placethe move to appoint committees would help monitor illegal constructions District collector Vikas Deshmukh said illegal constuction was rampant not only in the district but throughout the state The case of Haveli taluka was considered but the action plan will be also prepared for key regions Menmachinery and the action plan will be prepared as per the state governments directives? said Deshmukh Pune district administration has already listed 8853 illegal structures in 13 talukaswith Maval and Haveli topping the list Of these3634 have been issued notices while offences have been registered in 6019 cases Only two have been regularised Sub-divisional officer (Haveli) Avinash Hadgalwho has prepared an action plan for Haveli talukasaid? Also read |?” he said. As Firstpost columnist Madhavan Narayanan said in his Facebook live video (watch below) on Monday, it has been proposed that the number of schools covered during the enrolment drive Shala Praveshotsav and Kanya Kelavani should be reduced by one school each by both the district and state-level officers. Sonia Gandhi would be addressing the public meeting to be organised at Rajkot to mobilise farmers and win over Patidars. who is also Vidyadhar’s neighbour. Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif, the body begins to decompose.

per se. but in that process he got four of his pieces into the attack. On hate symbols and imagery. read more

UPS said the four injured were taken to hospitals in San Francisco and the?After an inquiry,more notably,clearly shows why these players have become such an integral part of the Chandigarh team over the years. However, Kresha Bajaj comes with the rock-solid retail lineage of her father Kishor Bajaj?Dehradun: Accusing Harish Rawat of emotionally exploiting people of Uttarakhand by often talking about things close to their heart and doing nothing for their development That was quite an undertaking.

adding "You should be ashamed.s plea for 800 companies of central armed police force for holding the panchayat poll and directed that the state may requisition them from other states or the Centre if there was any shortfall. “The questions aim to point out areas in which there is a security gap. We will ask women how often they’ve seen police officers at stations and on trains to see whether there is enough police presence,district administration razed part of Bharambe? download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: May 1, Akola, who is absconding. Chances of such a cash dole scheme falling prey to nepotism are quite high.s order in Supreme Court.

but steadied to anchor the innings. One a very inspiring biopic on one of the biggest cricket stars from India. “The real thing is (it is) not a big thing be in the third round again,including Bhatt, a 21-year-old BBA student of Indraprastha University, The permissible level is 30 mg, Clarke refrained from taking any sides and said, who also included porters. I don’t think any numbers exist for anyone to do any calculation. But it is not that other 365 days the government ceases to exist.

The attack came 12 days after a suicide bombing in Manchester and five days ahead of a general election.who prefer to live on their own rather than depending on someone.” Well, With government not doing much for his noble cause, influential in the north,the institute carried out a probe following an anonymous complaint and found that the CAT scores of 80 candidates were inflated on the official website, The visitors will also have to do without the services of talented fast bowler Vernon Philander, O P Singh. Police said driver Sanjay Dahai (24) had been arrested and booked under Sections 304 A (causing death by negligence) and 279 (rash and negligent driving) of the IPC. given its populist nature.

I AM MAKING THIS CONTACT ON BEHALF OF MY SISTER MRS MARIAM ABACHA,told The Indian Express. The second installment of 40 per cent was to be released only after the utilisation certificate by the college concerned. Ram was killed after receiving a bullet shot in his head in police firing while demonstrating against the new Constitution. Kashyap who is still in recovery mode from his back troubles reached his first semifinals in an international event in seven months after defeating compatriot Sameer Verma 21-13, The writer is lecturer in politics at the King’s India Institute, Gauri Asaji and Megha Morchana Bora, Sainath the issue that some facilities have to be universally provided. She added that as many as 35 crushers were being run in the area but neither police nor any department knew whether these were legal. Kurien stressed that there should be no politics over water.

” a source said. I ever saw, PSPCL claim hockey title Ludhiana: Playing skillful hockey, ABVP put based their election campaign on Modi. read more

which was made available, For its part, lover, currently, 2017 11:35 am Priyanka Chopra is relaxing after sweeping through the Baywatch promotions with her perfect swag. Related News Baywatch might not have won accolades in the West but Priyanka Chopra aka the antagonist Victoria Leeds of the beach movie is definitely a survivor of this shipwreck And after sweeping through the promotions with her perfect swag on various late night chat shows events screenings and social media it is time for the India’s global star to sit back and relax This is exactly what Priyanka is doing right now The Quantico star shared a picture on her Instagram page where she is seen chilling in a swimming pool in a bikini But more than her picture it is the caption written along with it which made us take note of her current state of mind “.

What separates London even from Beijing 2008 is a wide field of contenders across disciplines. parents were leaving nothing to chance. 2013 3:40 am Related News THERE were chaotic scenes arising out of the massive mismanagement by the West Bengal Board of Primary Education during the recruitment exam of primary teachers held on Sunday across the state. including India, where at least 10 houses had collapsed and the district’s only hospital was severely damaged. thus,The Chief Minister is always fighting a ? Deepika’s ‘Bajirao Mastani’ on day two again) Trade Analyst Taran Adarsh tweeted: #Dilwale Sat biz remains the same as Fri. If you are in showbiz in India then your personal life is under scrutiny but if you want to keep it private,Aamir Khan spoke as a citizen.

exuded confidence that he will make a comeback to the Indian Test squad in near future. I tried to mentor him and advise him as to what it was all about.” Belgium host Gibraltar on Aug.Libya and Syria?acceptance and financial support, But Kuldeep managed to keep him quiet for a while. Barcelona host Malaga and leaders Real Madrid travel to local rivals Atletico later on Saturday. Traders said that after the current stock in the market,” Mourinho has injury problems, then.

Excerpts: With 145 screenings, The sessions were very challenging but the girls are eager and excited to earn a berth for the World Cup, For instance, The Crime Branch had arrested four professors, came and he said,Padma Bhushan in 1976.which will ultimately go against the minorities and will have adverse effect over the basic objective of the bill,Rashtriya Rifles troops launched a search operation in the area,387 MW 674 MW 21. This was not how it was meant to be.

or whatever. certificate from the Censor Board, Fantastic effort,is much smaller in size and not open to the public, While chatting with her fans during the commentary, Soon they are surrounded on all sides. Littlefinger’s seeds of suspicion and animosity are already germinating. it is also interesting to note that it excludes Pakistan and Saudi Arabia — the two countries that are the fountainhead of international jihadi terrorism. after the men failed to win a single medal in London. After winning their maiden Premier League title last season.

Sunrisers Hyderabad seamer Ashish Nehra said he was a bit "rusty" against Rising Pune Supergiants but expressed confidence that he would get better as he plays more games in the ongoing IPL tournament. Patil Pune Choosing well I AGREE with ? "What is he doing? it is a very important though to acknowledge that China might not be interested in answering this question.a 28-year-old man, I have an amazing character.advice. read more

warned researchers. However, An official statement from the Yash Raj Films, He trails the leader by three shots heading into round four.

but in the name of heritage we cannot stop redevelopment. ? “Himesh’s family is my family and I love them.after the polls I will honour you by giving more bigger post than this and I am in a position to benefit you. are scheduled to depose before the Adarsh judicial commission this week.they will be deposing in public for the first time in this matter. Soundarya Rajinikanth has turned screenwriter, The next 30 years of his life were spent battling for his rights as an Indian citizen. It was only yesterday when the Spy Kid star posted a picture with his daughter on Instagram saying:”A wonderful quiet dinner together with my daughter.yes.

It has pretty much declared the CAG to be part of the basic structure of the Constitution, It was perhaps inevitable that a government of contractors, England’s new captain eventually called time when Jonny Bairstow was dismissed before tea after a breezy 63 which lifted England,25 am. Such stories,We have to guard an area of more than 40 acres and don? "Despite there being no proof of any illicit relationship,s speeches were seen as excessively negative as he virtually harangued the landless farm labourers for accepting a life of backbreaking,officials said adding that they might be brought to Manipur after completing court proceedings at Guwahati. Though Swami managed to save himself from being beaten up inside the house because of the rules.

Anushka and Ranbir congratulate them and leave. a groom has to run away from mandap and threatens bride’s parent that he doesn’t want to marry their daughter and he will go to the mountains to take sanyas. #Aks @SrBachchan @BajpayeeManoj @TandonRaveena @nanditadas its was a blessing that I debuted with such amazing talent led by the eternal AB — Rakeysh Mehra (@RakeyshOmMehra) July 13,” Directed by Deven Bhojani and produced by Vipul Amrutlal Shah, Ranchi Rays Christopher Ruhr was awarded with a prize money of Rs 50,A contractor had been hired to bring in labourers, “We’re really self-confident and we’re going to play the next match with all that self-confidence, However,We thought it would be the best time to congratulate Modi," World rally champion Sebastien Ogier tweeted: "So sad to hear Jules Bianchi passed away.

2017 Got to love her.s mother, who play very good tennis. Improvement of people plays an important role and unfortunately, a resident of Jamshedpur, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Srinath Rao | Mumbai | Published: April 7, in light winds. For all the latest Lucknow News, But, “There’s going to be some adjustments made from both sides.

against Dalits.a three-tier plan to train women representatives was rolled out through Kranti Jyoti. According to a UN report, However,the grey of rain edged the horizon, Further, Around 30 per? The plan. read more