This interview was recorded during the Casey Resea

first_img This interview was recorded during the Casey Research Summit in early October. It brought together more than 30 of today’s most brilliant minds in economics and investing, healthcare, technology, and liberty. The result was an event of remarkable scope… one that you can still hear every word of. With the Casey 2013 Summit Audio Collection, you’ll hear every presentation… see all the charts and slides the speakers used… sit in on each action-oriented workshop… hear every specific stock pick and trend prediction… all in the comfort of your own home or car. Find out how to get the best yield whether interest rates are rising or falling… learn a technical analyst’s five best tips to manage risk… discover what’s happening as the world nears the end of the debt supercycle… listen to a highly acclaimed hedge fund manager who believes we’re looking at a complete paradigm collapse… hear why Jim Rickards thinks that we’re actually in a depression… and much, much more. Get 27 hours of information-packed content on CD and as MP3 recording. Click here to learn more and order your set today. Did you know that even the Statue of Liberty was crowdfunded? In an interview with RT, Catherine Austin Fitts explains how, through new ways of investing, the individual investor finally has a leg up on slow-moving Wall Street.last_img

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