Who is David Cameron Elusive leader at heart of UK election

first_img Top Stories Cameron is banking that voters will back the Conservatives for financial security. His campaign message is: Trust me.“We stick with the team that is turning the country around,” he told staff at the Sertec auto-parts factory in Coleshill, which he held up as a symbol of British manufacturing success. “Or we put it all at risk with a party and a leader that would take us back to square one.”Some in the audience liked the messenger but were skeptical of the message.“It was powerful, but who do you really trust?” said Jasvinder Singh, who works in logistics at the firm. “Both (parties) promise you everything, but when they come into power the promises aren’t there half the time.”If Cameron’s argument works, he will remain in 10 Downing St — although he has said he won’t seek a third term.If it doesn’t work, Hanning said, he’ll go down in history “as the man who couldn’t beat Gordon Brown or Ed Miliband. That’s pretty bad.”But Hanning said Cameron would likely emerge with his ego intact.“I think privately he thinks, ‘I’ve got there. I’ve become prime minister, which I wanted to do. I can hand over to someone else.’ I think he thinks: ‘I’ve done my bit.’” Britain’s Prime Minister and Conservative Party leader David Camer gestures to supporters in Twickenham, London, Tuesday May 5, 2015. Britain will go to the polls in a national election on May 7. (AP Photo/Peter Nicholls, Pool) Comments   Share   At Oxford University, he studied politics, philosophy and economics — the go-to degree for aspiring politicians — but was not involved in student politics. He does not like to be reminded of it now, but he was a member of the Bullingdon Club, a rowdy dining-and-drinking society with a reputation for drunken vandalism.After graduating, Cameron began work as a researcher for the Conservatives and rose quickly through the party, with a spell in PR for TV company Carlton Communications.Cameron’s privileged life has been touched by tragedy. His eldest son Ivan was born severely disabled and died in 2009 at the age of 6.Cameron was elected to Parliament in 2001 and chosen as party leader in 2005, when the Conservatives had lost three successive elections to Tony Blair’s Labour. There were many parallels between the two leaders. Both were young, attractive modernizers, pragmatic rather than ideological, with an emotional intelligence that appealed to voters. No wonder Cameron was branded the “heir to Blair.”In his first years as leader, he articulated a type of compassionate Conservatism. He used one early speech to argue that teenage miscreants needed understanding as well as punishment — a policy dubbed by the press “hug a hoodie.” He posed with sled dogs in the Arctic to tout green policies (“hug a husky”) and described his vision of a “Big Society” built on neighborliness and volunteering. 5 people who need to visit the Ultrastar Multi-tainment Center COLESHILL, England (AP) — David Cameron is fighting for his political life in Britain’s election. But it sure doesn’t look like it.For much of the month-long campaign, Cameron has appeared relaxed — even disengaged. Critics say Cameron doesn’t seem as hungry to win as Labour rival Ed Miliband.Yet polls put Cameron’s Conservatives and Labour neck-and-neck. Smaller forces from left and right are eroding both parties’ support, and neither looks likely to win a majority in Parliament. If Cameron fails to win a second term as prime minister on Thursday, he will almost certainly be dumped as Tory leader. Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Sponsored Stories New Valley school lets students pick career-path academieslast_img

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