I Love Lucy in New Doctor Who Ghost Stories Comic

first_img HBO Max Scores Exclusive ‘Doctor Who’ Streaming RightsJo Tro Do Plo Plo No: ‘Doctor Who’ Welcomes Back Familiar Monster What’s a superhero without his super powers? A well-coiffed bespectacled man about to get his face sawed in half.Grant Gordon, a.k.a. The Ghost has lost that lovin’ feeling his abilities: “No flying, no X-ray vision, and no super strength,” he tells the Doctor, also strapped into a chair with a buzzing blade creeping closer.“I’m, umm, guessing that means no invulnerability, too,” the impotent defender adds.On Christmas Eve 1992, then-eight-year-old Grant mistakenly swallowed a wish-granting gemstone, gaining superpowers like those in his favorite comic books.Years later, that stone leads the Twelfth Doctor—and Grant, his wife Lucy, and their daughter Jennifer—across space and time to find the other three missing pieces.Since landing in dystopian-future New York City, the Doctor and his groupies reunited with an old foe: Shoal of the Winter Harmony—an independent life form (blue brains with eyes) that migrate between planets, extracting and replacing the central nervous systems of compatible hosts.Now, with Grant and Jennifer off gallivanting somewhere, Lucy finally gets her moment to shine.When they discover the third crystal—used by the Harmony Shoal to suppress and overpower the Zanthians—the Doctor urges Lucy to talk to the people, “tell them what to do.”Confused and unsure of herself, the reporter takes the mic, launching into an empowered speech about moving on and standing up for yourself.“Hiding is not the answer. You need to come out and be your own heroes,” she says, in what could easily be interpreted as a battle call to readers. “Free yourselves of the Harmony Shoal. Find a new way to live, and forge your own future.”Having saved the day (again), Team TARDIS head off to find the fourth and final crystal. But they don’t get very far.The penultimate issue of Titan Comics’ “Doctor Who: Ghost Stories” mini-series is on sale now in print for $3.99.via Titan ComicsAlso available from Titan: the Ninth Doctor Vol. 3 “Official Secrets” collection. Written by Cavan Scott, with art from Adriana Melo and Cris Bolson, the $22.99 tome features the Ninth Time Lord’s adventures numbers six through 10. Stay on targetlast_img

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