New Game of Thrones Trailer Promises a Great War

first_img Summer is coming, and with it comes the seventh season of HBO’s Game of Thrones. After a teaser trailer featuring a few main characters walking purposefully down hallways and sitting in chairs, we finally have a full trailer that gives us a little bit more. We have armies gathering on all sides to attack Kings Landing and make a play for the Iron Throne. We have Cersei Lannister standing on a giant map. We have knights fighting, Littlefinger being creepy, a zombified hand, dragons and of course, a hint of sex. This is Game of Thrones after all.You can tell the story is drawing to a close. The stakes are higher than ever, all the different factions are gearing up for battle, and there’s a hint of an unseen outside threat. We’re entering the second to last season, and these final two will each be half as long as the previous six. That means we’re only 13 hours away from the end of this version of the story. (Remember, the books could still go off in a completely different direction.) The show is about to start wrapping things up.I love the line “it doesn’t matter whose skeleton sits on the iron throne.” That tells us a lot about what to expect from season seven. The White Walkers are drawing near, and most of Westeros still doesn’t believe they exist. We also see a glimpse of a necrotic arm, which could be Jorah Mormont’s if his greyscale has gotten that bad. Could that shot mean that either greyscale or the grey plague play a larger role in the upcoming season? Adding a pandemic to a world war would complicate things in an interesting way. Either way, there will almost certainly be multiple players who put their thirst for power above dealing with the impending threat. And they’ll probably pay the price for it. It’s entirely possible we may see a literal skeleton on the Iron Throne.Aidan Gillen, Sophie Turner. (Credit: Helen Sloan/HBO)Those excited for the upcoming season should maybe hope AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson doesn’t get his way. In related Game of Thrones news, Stephenson had some truly terrible ideas for the future of the series, according to Variety. Basically, it boils down to, “you know that thing you like? What if we made it smaller and gave you less of it?”Stephenson was speaking about the proposed merger of AT&T with Time Warner, which would give him control of HBO, among other properties. Speaking at J.P. Morgan’s Global Technology, Media, and Telecom Conference, he spoke about making HBO CEO Richard Plepler panic. “Think about things like Game of Thrones. In a mobile environment, a 60-minute episode might not be the best experience. Maybe you want a 20-minute episode.”He seriously proposed chopping 40 minutes off of Game of Thrones. Granted, some episodes could do with a bit more editing, but 40 minutes? How would they even make sense? That’s a lot of story to just throw in the garbage. Unless he’s proposing chopping each episode into thirds, which would create its own pacing problems. He has a point that watching a 60-minute episode on the phone isn’t ideal. But hey, neither is watching a massive medieval battle on a five-inch screen. That’s why we don’t watch Game of Thrones on phones if we can help it. It’s why we’ve collectively spent billions of dollars on giant TVs and set-top boxes. You’re not making the mobile experience better; you’re making Game of Thrones worse.Stephenson says he wants to be able “to curate Time Warner content uniquely for a mobile environment.” How about don’t? Because your first example is already the worst idea. He did take care to mention that he had no intentions of making Game of Thrones available only for AT&T customers. Because you know, that would be illegal. Gotta say though, it’s a little weird that you even brought it up. Like, we know you at least thought about it now.AT&T’s acquisition of Time Warner is currently pending approval by the U.S. Department of Justice. Game of Thrones will air on HBO in its full 60-minutes-per-episode form on July 16, 2017. Stay on target ‘Game of Thrones’ Targaryen Prequel Series Is Reportedly Coming to HBO‘Game of Thrones’ Star Kit Harington Joins Marvel’s &#… last_img

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