Researchers Just Stumbled On Over A Hundred New Species

first_imgStay on target Watch: Deputies Help Bear Family Rescue Cub Trapped in DumpsterNature Cam Captures Black Bear Feeding at Condor Sanctuary Just when you thought there weren’t any more different species of reptiles, mammals and other animals in the world, one rises to show you you’re wrong. Or a hundred or so, give or take. That old chestnut. Researchers in Mekong in Southeast Asia have stumbled upon a mind-boggling 163 new species, including a rainbow-headed snake lovingly nicknamed Ziggy Stardust, and a newt that looks like a Klingon. It probably doesn’t speak the language.Last year, around 160 new species were uncovered as well, so this year isn’t too shabby. It’s all in a recent report from the World Wildlife Federation. Mekong is an area that rolls up areas like Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam and other places in China, which is obviously a place where there are new species just ripe for the discovery. Unfortunately, there’s also a lot of poaching that goes on there, which can threaten the wildlife in the area. Collectors will pay top dollar for endangered species, so it’s important that the World Wildlife Federation and other organizations work to stop this illegal practice.Heck, it’s a good idea to stop it in general, because once these guys get taken away from us, there’s no coming back. Other discoveries include a particular type of banana from Thailand, a gorgeous blue gecko, a wooly-headed bat, and a plethora of other animals. Yeah, it’s great that we’ve stumbled upon them, but the next step is keeping them safe. It’s pretty impressive when you stop and think about it, though, how we’ve explored this wide world for so long and find that there’s still something new left to see. That’s something to ponder over the holiday break or the next time you get bored and jaded with life. With all the humans in this world somehow we’re still finding new creature friends to share it with. Amazing.last_img

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