Futurama could be revived as an Xbox exclusive

first_imgSweet something of… someplace! Could Futurama really make yet another comeback? It’s something that Major Nelson seems to think is a good idea. It’s not much to go on, but Larry Hryb recently said on a reddit thread that’s he’s willing to pitch the idea to his Microsoft co-workers. “No promises or confirmation that anything can happen though,” he added, along with a coy emoticon and an acknowledgement that he was trying to “manage expectations.”Some Futurama fans are all too happy to let the show die off with dignity. The final(?) episode was a terrific end (again: ?) to the series, but many think that Futurama has never been the same since Comedy Central revived it back in 2010. Other fans can’t believe that it’s being killed off again while The Simpsons continues to roll along unfazed through its umpteenth season. Whatever your take on the situation, an eighth (and ninth and tenth, etc.) season of Futurama for Xbox Live is well within the realm of possibilities.Creator Matt Groening has said before that he wants another kick at the can. “We would love to continue. We have many more stories to tell,” he told Inside TV earlier this year. All he needs is a willing partner, and Microsoft could certainly be a good match. The company is on the hunt for exclusive content for Xbox Live users, and Futurama’s got a passionate following. Offering a few dozen new episodes that can only be viewed on a Microsoft device could help boost sales of the Xbox 360, Xbox One, and even the oft-maligned Surface.We’re not entirely sure why Netflix hasn’t appeared to approached Matt Groening, though.last_img

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