Activision pays 42 million to MW2 Infinity Ward employees

first_imgIt may seem like a distant memory now, but back in March 2010 things really kicked off inside game developer Infinity Ward. Activision removed the developer’s president Jason West and CEO Vince Zampella, then got sued by them and a group of 38 employees known as the Infinity Ward Employee Group (IWEG).Activision has since continued to develop the Call of Duty series and many Infinity Ward staff have followed West and Zampella to Respawn Entertainment. But the lawsuits continue, with Activision suing West and Zampella, West and Zampella suing Activision, and IWEG also suing the publisher. Activision accuses West and Zampella of holding secret talks with other publishers when still working at Infinity Ward, while Activision is being sued for withholding royalties and payments for work.Bobby Kotick and Activision will no doubt fight both cases to the death, so it’s surprising to learn Kotick just agreed to pay IWEG $42 million in back payments including a 10% interest charge. This is apparently because Activision found the employees who make up the group are not implicated in the action being taken against West and Zampella, and that’s now what the company want to focus on.As far as IWEG’s lawyer Bruce Isaacs is concerned, the payment is welcome, but just a small part of what they are seeking. The payment also does not constitute a settlement and Isaacs fully intends to continue fighting for as much as $500 million in compensation. That battle is clearly far from over.As for the West and Zampella case, it is set to go to court later this month. The two former employees are contesting why their contracts were terminated and why they haven’t been paid what is rightfully theirs. If Activision loses, and the IWEG case goes against them too, it could mean Activision having to pay out a huge amount of the profits generated from the game. But if they do lose both cases, then that only seems fair anyway, right?Read more at The Vergelast_img

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