Australian retailer recalls Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D

first_imgCapcom has caused a bit of a stir on the 3DS by shipping the game Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D with permanent save games. That means as soon as you start saving the game those saves will exist on the cartridge forever.It was initially thought Capcom had done this to stop the game being traded in and re-sold used, but the Japanese publisher has denied that without actually explaining why they did it.AdChoices广告Regardless of how gamers react to the news of permanent saves, the “feature” is already causing problems. In Australia, EB Games has decided to recall all copies and not sell it. The reason is thought to be a simple one: the retailer offers a 7-day return policy on new games, but if a games has permanent saves they can’t accept it back. So rather than break their store policy they won’t sell Mercenaries 3D at all.With the game confirmed as shipping to the U.S. and Europe with permanent game saves in place, you have to wonder how many other retailers will refuse to stock it due to a returns policy?Read more at VooksMatthew’s OpinionDon’t most stores have a returns policy for new games? In fact, isn’t it the law in a lot of countries?If that’s the case then retailers are going to be put in a difficult position: don’t sell the game and lose out on a lot of sales, or risk having a return and then not being able to re-sell the game?I think some of the major chains might already be in touch with Capcom asking for a solution. With that in mind, I’d hold off buying the game until this issue has been resolved.last_img

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