Play classic Game Watch games in a browser

first_imgDepending on how old you are, portable gaming for you may only extend back as far and the DS or Game Boy. But before such multi-game handhelds appeared on the market there was another, simpler form of portable gaming available.These devices were called handheld electronic games and typically consisted of a single game with multiple modes. In Nintendo’s case they had a range of them carrying the name Game & Watch and distributed from 1980 to 1991. In total 59 G&W games were made. Some were two screen affairs looking a lot like the dual-screen DS and 3DS devices we see today, although these were a lot thinner and not very powerful devices.AdChoices广告While these old handheld games have long disappeared from store shelves, you may still have some in storage from your childhood. In some cases they are worth a lot of money so should be looked after. If you don’t own any, however, there is now a new way to get to play some of the games courtesy of Hipopotam.A new website called Pica Pic has appeared that recreates the look of the devices and emulates the games for you to play. There’s a mix of those that you will recognize and others you may never have seen before.Each game maps the controls on the device to your keyboard and gives clear key mapping hints. Then you play the game as normal and have your highscore logged. So this actually goes beyond what you could do with the original games due to the high scores being listed and rankings given.At the moment there are 17 playable games, but it looks like the site is set to expand with 3 other titles listed as coming soon including Zelda. Read more at Pica Piclast_img

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