Mission Impossible 5 Closes the Marrakech Highway for 14 Days

Rabat- The Moroccan national highways company (Société nationale des Autoroutes du Maroc) has announced in a communiqué on Thursday that the highway bypass section of Marrakech will be closed between the junction towards the city of Agadir and the Tamansourt exchanger starting Sunday 08/30/2014 until Friday 09/12/2014 in order to leave space for the shooting of an international film.Media outlets reported earlier that some scenes of Mission Impossible 5 featuring American actor Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt will take place in several Moroccan cities including Casablanca, Rabat and Marrakech.“National Highway Company of Morocco apologizes for its kind users about the inconvenience that will be caused by this interruption,” reads the communiqué. http://www.adm.co.ma/adm/pages/toutes-actualites.aspx?Actualites=47© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed.

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