iPhone prices increased in India: Here is the list of iPhone models still worth buying

first_imgApple has increased the prices of various iPhone models in India with immediate effect. The price rise comes after the government of India increased the custom duty from 10 per cent to 15 per cent. Given the fact that most of the iPhone units are imported in India, Apple had to increase the price. The price increase is on the MRP and is effective from December 18.The only exception is the iPhone SE, which is currently made in India. So it’s price remains same. Now, on Monday we wrote how the increase in the iPhone prices — the increase is around 3.5 per cent on average — may not mean that the market prices of the iPhones will go up. The phone sellers often sell the iPhones at prices that are lower than MRP so the overall impact on consumers after the iPhone price hike may not be much.That said, as far as the MRP is concerned, here is what the iPhones will sport now on their price tags.iPhone 6 32 GB: Rs 30780          iPhone 6s  32 GB: Rs 41,550       iPhone 6s 128 GB: Rs 50,660     iPhone 6s Plus  32 GB: Rs 50,740iPhone 6s Plus 128 GB: Rs 59,860            iPhone 7 32 GB: Rs 50,810          iPhone 7 128 GB: Rs 59,910       iPhone 7 Plus 32 GB: Rs 61,060iPhone 7 Plus 128 GB: Rs 70,180iPhone 8 64 GB: Rs 66,120          iPhone 8 256 GB: Rs 79,420       iPhone 8 Plus 64 GB: Rs 75,450iPhone 8 Plus 256 GB: Rs 88,750iPhone X 64 GB: Rs 92,430         iPhone X 256 GB: Rs 1,05,720So, after the price increase are the iPhones worth buying? It all depends on what iPhone you are planning to buy. Let’s take them one by one. Also, you should remember the 256GB or the 128GB iPhone is not exactly a value for money. But if you are buying a new model of iPhone — think iPhone 8 or the iPhone X — you should go for the one with more storage. An iPhone, unlike Android phones that need to be changed in 2 years or so, can be used for around 3 years because it will get the relevant software support. So it is worth buying the 256GB or 128GB variant.advertisementSo about which iPhone to buy and which not to buy… here is what India Today Tech suggests:Buy iPhone SE if under Rs 20,000We recommend the iPhone SE if you can find it selling under Rs 20,000. Usually, it sells under Rs 20,000. At this price point, it is better than any other phone out there, including an Android phone like the Xiaomi Mi A1. It has good hardware, is fast and has a great camera for its price. The screen size on the smaller side at 4 inches but overall this is a good enough phone to be used for two years even if you buy it today.Do not buy iPhone 6, iPhone 6s  and iPhone 6s PlusThese three phones are now overpriced. Even the iPhone 6, which you may get in the market for around Rs 25,000 to Rs 26,000 is overpriced. A phone like the Honor 8 Pro around the same price point is a better deal. These are too old, and they don’t offer enough over the Android phones in the same price bracket to make them worth buying.Also Read: iPhone prices increased in India from today, iPhone SE price is only exceptionIn fact, when you move to the price point at which the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus play (between Rs 35,000 to Rs 40,000), you can easily get a Nokia 8 and OnePlus 5T for the same amount of money. And these two Android phones are much superior compared to the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus.Buy iPhone 7 only if it is for around Rs 40,000The iPhone 7 was launched last year but it is still a fast phone, with fantastic hardware and a good camera. For many users, it can be a superior phone compared to the Nokia 8 or the OnePlus 5T. But go for it only if the price is right. According to Apple, the iPhone 7 MRP is now Rs 50,810. That is too much. The same is true for the iPhone 7 Plus, which has an MRP of Rs 61,060. That also is too much. But if you get a deal where the iPhone 7 is for around Rs 40,000 — plus or minus a few thousand rupees — go for it.Buy iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 PlusThese are fantastic phones. Although there are devices like the Galaxy S8 and the Pixel 2, which are better value for money and as good as the iPhones, if it is an Apple phone you want, don’t hesitate from picking up the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus. Even at slightly increased prices, these two are good.advertisementBuy iPhone X if you can afford itAfter the price increase, the iPhone X now sells at an MRP of Rs 92,430. That is very expensive. But then so was Rs 89,000, its earlier MRP. The iPhone X is arguably — and India Today Tech argued that in its review — is the best phone you can buy right now. If you were willing to pay Rs 89,000 for it, don’t mind those extra couple of thousands. The iPhone X is still worth buying.last_img

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