5 interesting AI crowdfunding campaigns on Indiegogo

first_imgThe Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Crowdfunding industries have both grown exponentially in the recent past. Their dependency on each other is quite evident as many AI projects would never have become a reality without crowdfunding. See also: AI will “most likely be the cause of WW3” says Elon MuskOther than crowdfunding platforms, novel platforms such as LiveEdu, a live and video tutorial learning platform, can help  AI projects to get the exposure they need  to get crowdfunded. Even LiveEdu has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. They plan to collect project ideas from learners all over the world to expand their premium project tutorial catalogue.With a clear connection between AI and crowdfunding established, let’s take a look at the five interesting AI crowdfunding campaigns on Indiegogo.#1: Artificial Intelligence A-ZArtificial intelligence(AI) is the next big technology changing how humans and machines interact in the world. The Artificial Intelligence A-Z: How To Build An AI project aims to deliver all the necessary tools and courses for learning AI. The project goal is to provide all the courses for learners who are interested in making their career shine in AI or want to contribute to the world of AI.#2: ArsenalArsenal is an AI-powered camera assistant that completely changes how photos are taken. The hardware uses advanced machine learning algorithms to ensure that every shot is perfect. The AI algorithm and the sensor take note of 18 different environmental factors and determine the optimal settings automatically. This is a revolutionary idea and has already been accepted by the community with a funding of $3,049,905(5301% funded).#3: SensoriaSensoria is an AI-powered sportswear that uses artificial intelligence to monitor health. This helps users to improve their health and athletic performance as it provides vital information to the user. Healthcare can immensely benefit from the use of Artificial Intelligence. Engineers such as CodeHatcher also understand the importance of healthcare apps and they have developed a Healthcare App for doctors that use a wide range of technologies including JavaScript and AI.#4: Nakamichi EdgeLove music? Then, Nakamichi Edge, an AI-powered Wireless headphone is all you need. It uses AI algorithms to scan the surroundings and provide you with the best music listening experience possible.#5: Career MuseCareer Muse is an interesting application of Artificial intelligence. It uses AI algorithms to get past applicant tracking systems. Many companies are using AI to filter our resumes, and this app ensures that your resume doesn’t get stuck in the automation process.Crowdfunding needed for AIArtificial intelligence solves a lot of interesting problems. From healthcare to education, every industry is being impacted by AI. However, it would not be possible for many AI related projects to become a reality without crowdfunding platforms. Some ideas are unique and downright crazy, and that’s why most investors ignore these novel ideas. Crowdfunding opens the doors for these kinds of projects and allows the real users to decide whether they are useful or not. Many new platforms are also making AI projects shine. LiveEdu is one of those platforms where you can find many new promising AI projects. Their crowdfunding campaign also aims to collect diverse and interesting AI project suggestions which can further improve the state of artificial intelligence learning worldwide and increase the likelihood of more AI crowdfunding projects. Do you think we missed an awesome AI crowdfunding campaign? Comment below and let us know. Dr. Michael is the CEO of the Los Angeles-based blockchain education company LiveEdu. It’s the world’s leading project learning platform that equips people with practical skills on creating complete products in future technological fields. Dr. Michael Garbade Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces Follow the Puck AI: How it’s Impacting Surveillance Data Storage Related Posts Tags:#AI#Arsenal#artificial intelligence#Career Muse#Indiegogo#Internet of Things#IoT#Nakamichi Edge#Sensoria A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…last_img

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