Alien Messages via Neutrinos

first_imgThree scientists are suggesting that SETI researchers comb neutrinos for alien messages.  Nothing natural could produce high-energy neutrinos, they said in Science,1 so aliens may use their cosmic accelerators to send neutrino packets across the intergalactic internet.  They suggested watching for them in the neutrino detector at the South Pole.1.  Random Samples, Science, Volume 320, Number 5881, Issue of 06 June 2008.Let’s strive to understand this reasoning.  The three scientists believe we could reasonably infer the existence of intelligent design in subatomic particles, which carry no information, due strictly to their physical characteristics.  But finding a coded language in DNA and calling that intelligent design would undoubtedly be criticized as a religious argument.  They think that high-energy neutrinos could only be produced by non-natural intelligent causes.  They probably believe DNA, however, with its sophisticated language transcription and translation systems, was produced by natural causes.    This must be valid scientific reasoning, because Science said so.  The practical outcome would be that these scientists would think it worth the money to sift through signatures of ghostly particles at the South Pole to infer design, but not to advance the design inference from DNA into a reasoned investigation whether a Designer capable of creating the most densely-packed and information-rich structures in the universe might have also communicated with humans in more accessible ways.(Visited 9 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img

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