first_imgBY EMMET RUSHE: Last Friday marked the next step forward for me and the Rushe Fitness brand.I’ve finally opened the doors of my new gym.With January just around the corner, I intend to make it the number 1 place to train in Donegal and help as many people as I can in 2015 and onwards through my Personal Training, Small Group Training and Classes. With 2015 fast approaching, how are you going to start the New Year?Will you be another New Year’s “resolutioner” who starts off with great intention, only to fall at the first hurdle?Will you make it to the end of January or the middle of February?Will old habits creep in and take over before you actually get started? Why do these things even happen?Why is it that with all the best intentions, you cannot break the bad habits that you have acquired over the years?It comes down to expectations v’s reality.For most, people’s expectations far outweigh the reality of the situation when it comes to weight loss.We have been lead to believe that massive continual weight loss is THE ONLY way to lose weight. Advertising, Fad weight loss products and television shows like ‘The Biggest Looser,’ all portray an expectation of weight loss that is simply not realistic for 99% of people.Why not?It is not realistic because it is not sustainable or practical for a normal life.They do not tell you what to do when weight loss stalls. They don’t tell you that weight loss WILL stall and it should be expected to stall.Why?Weight loss isn’t linear, that’s why.But for most people, when weight loss stalls, they freak out and lose hope.If your weight hasn’t moved for 2 days, relax and keep at what you are doing. You cannot judge by daily fluctuations.If your weight hasn’t moved for more than 2 weeks it’s time to reassess your nutrition.You need to go into the New Year with a new mind-set.If you start off with the same approach that you have used since time began and it continually fails you, why continue to do it?Start the New Year with a new attitude.Start the New Year with a new you.Allow for mistakes and bumps in the road.Allow for family events and for unforeseen circumstances.When you reach points like these, brush it off and get back on track.Set yourself goals for the first month and BE REALISTIC.A 1lb loss per week is fantastic.If you allow for this and you surpass it, you will have smaller victories and you will be more likely to keep going.Setting out a 1 stone weight loss goal over January sounds great, but when you consider that 90% of people put back on their New Year weight loss and more on top of it, the 1lb per week sounds like a better target doesn’t it.Wrapping up, I’ll leave you with 4 simple tips to help you.Set small goals.
Make small changes weekly rather than daily ones.
If it’s working don’t change it. 
If it stops working, reassess what you are doing and make small changes rather than trying a complete overhaul.P.S
If you have no idea where to start and you would like guidance through your journey, let me help you.Contact me through the link below and we can arrange a chat where we can map out what you want to achieve in 2015. 
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