Our Recovery from Ebola: The Artist’s Role (2)

first_imgEbola means the fear of helplessness.But we cannot lie down, helpless in our distress. Our artists know and can Inspire us to remember the strength of Discipline when helplessness overwhelms us. Have you ever seen a country cloth weaver tirelessly working at the loom?  A magnificent piece of cloth could be the result.And the Discipline to produce it is an example for us. It’s an example of recovery from doing nothing – out of fear.Just as the weavers Discipline themselves to weave one row at a time before achieving a beautiful tapestry, so we must Discipline ourselves to make one step at a time lifting ourselves from helpless lethargy to courageous action.Take out that old piece of country cloth stored away somewhere. Put it in the sun. Touch it. Study it. Or get out some beautiful hand-made artifact you own. Feel it. Examine it and recognize the Discipline required to produce these hand crafted art pieces. Then allow them to Inspire you to make a Disciplined  move away from fear and toward your own personal recovery.If you don’t own a piece of Liberian art, you can empower our artists by buying a piece of their work. It can Inspire your recovery and that of someone you love.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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