John Erwin Remodeling Helps Plan Your Remodel

first_imgDeciding to remodel is relatively easy compared to figuring out the details. You may know what room you want to change but not know what in that room you want changed. Then there’s the budget. How should you spend the money? How much is there to spend? With so many choices it can be difficult just to get started.  Luckily John Erwin has some advice.“Pictures are a great tool,” says Erwin. To illustrate his point he gives the example of a kitchen. “Pull up pictures and find that cabinet or that countertop you like.” Visuals help when you are working with a contractor. They provide a common language which makes for less confusion.Erwin recommends visiting sites like Houzz or Pinterest to get ideas. He also says it’s important to figure out what you like and don’t like about the space being remodeled. Are the cabinets too dark or is their wasted space?  Spend some time thinking about what you want changed a simple list of your likes and dislikes.And don’t forget about the budget. The average bathroom remodel runs around $15,000, the average kitchen remodel is $25,000. Don’t be shocked by the numbers. “If you have a modest budget then I’ll come up with a modest plan,” says Erwin.To help clients stick with their budget Erwin assigns homework. He gives clients a list of vendors and suppliers his company works with. “Go out and pick what you like,” says Erwin. Having specifics up front will help determine cost and help keep cost overruns to a minimum. If the project is too expensive the fix could be as simple as choosing a different materials.To see some of the work done by John Erwin Remodeling click here or make an appointment by calling 360-705-2938. Facebook0Tweet0Pin0last_img

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