Point-counterpoint: Favre’s next career move

first_imgMason:Now that he’s retired, Brett Favre could do pretty much anything. He could join many other former pros and become a football analyst on TV. He could take up coaching. And I know a few Packer fans wouldn’t mind casting their vote for Favre as governor or president.But those would be things other people would want Brett to do, not what he would want to do.What would suit No. 4 best would be to settle down in his home state of Mississippi and give swamp boat tours.It might be a step down in salary, but it’d be perfect for him. He’s a southern guy and is likely sick of the cold Wisconsin winters after so many seasons. (Who could blame him if he was?)If he makes the move back to his hometown of Kiln ? or anywhere in Mississippi ? he’d finally be able to take it easy. Plus, folks in Green Bay have been able to see him for 16 years. Isn’t it time his fans down South were able to get up close and personal with their hero?Favre mentioned in his voicemail left for ESPN’s Chris Mortensen that he was struggling to live up to the pressure that has built up over the years. In other words, he set the bar too high for himself.As a tour guide, the only pressure he would have would be to not get eaten by alligators. I’m sure that’s easier than evading a sack by 300-pound linemen.I’ll actually be in Favre’s birth town of Gulfport, Miss., over Spring Break and will be taking one of these swamp tours. And while I’m not a Packers fan, even I would be a little starstruck if he was my guide.>Swamp tours. A little Southern comfort is what this gunslinger needs.Ackerstein:Brett Favre is beloved by everyone in the state of Wisconsin and just about every non-Bears fan in America. What?s the point of being popular, though, unless you can point out tangible evidence of just how much people like you?Although running for political office, which in Packer country he?d be a lock to win, might be a good way of doing this, actually becoming a government official would mean too much work for someone who just wants to relax.Luckily, there?s another option. Professional reality TV show contestant.There isn?t a television show out there that Favre couldn?t win based on his sheer popularity alone.Though he only won one title in professional football, Favre could certainly win a bunch more if he made his way onto shows that rely on public voting.Start him off on the next season of ?Dancing With the Stars,? where athletes already have a history of faring well. After he sambas his way into the hearts of the few Americans not yet devoted to him, he could make his way onto American Idol. Think the producers at Fox wouldn?t drool over the ratings the gunslinger could bring to the show?All they?d need to do is let him coast through the preliminary stages, and fans of the Pack would take care of the rest. Plus, rumor has it Simon Cowell is a closet Cheesehead.Even without the support of the public, he?s ruggedly handsome enough to take down America?s Next Top Model. And judging by those super-cool jeans he?s always advertising, he?s stylish enough to win Project Runway too.Really, the possibilities are endless. If you think his achievements in football were great, wait until you see what he could do on reality TV.Favre is Mr. Popular. Don?t bet against him.last_img

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