Worst Sports Brawl

first_imgMcGrathIn the storied history of sports there have been many rumbles that are worthy of enshrinement into the Sports Brawl Hall of Shame. Ron Artest and the Detroit Pistons’ “Malice at the Palace” comes to mind. So does the University of Miami-Florida International University melee that took place last Saturday. But nay, the worst brawl is even more recent than that (talk about a bad week). That massacre, of course, is Kevin Federline’s appearance on WWE Monday Night Raw earlier this week. The man somehow got permission to make a cameo on Vince McMahon’s three-ringed circus.Just as the epic and maddening Monday Night Football game between the Cardinals and Bears was hitting halftime, K-Fed was waltzing out to the ring with an entourage of your typical WWF (it’ll always be that to me) crew, including the not so pretty, but very doctored “diva” and a shirtless, pompous wrestler sporting a fur coat and sunglasses. For the first time in his life, K-Fed didn’t look out of place. Within minutes John Cena, now an action star in “The Marine,” had beckoned Mr. Spears into the ring to answer a question. Once Federline responded to the query in a derogatory and generally unpleasant manner, Cena ensued with the beat down, body slamming the former star of UPN’s “Britney & Kevin: Chaotic” into the mat, leaving K-Fed going into spasms in the middle of the squared circle. The former host of the Nickelodeon Kid Choice Awards — who still rapped about Cristal and 40s — didn’t know what hit him. It was pathetic. It wasn’t so bad that he got his designer Yankees hat handed to him, or that he didn’t even get in a punch. No, the worst thing was that he was involved at all. Federline couldn’t get an interview with a record company when he wanted to start his own record, despite the fact that his wife is on top of the pop world, or at least was. PoppyRegardless of what McGrath says, professional wrestling does not count as a brawl. There is nothing professional about it — it’s fake! Even worse, he’s picking a “fight” with a male prima donna in Kevin Federline.Actually, he’s right, any professional wrestling match is one of the worst sports brawls — but it’s also an automatic disqualification for not being real; I win.Nevertheless, I will continue to enlighten the Point-Counter Point readers on the worst sports brawl: Shaquille O’Neal versus Chris Dudley.In 1999, two of the worst free throw shooters in NBA history went head-to-head on national television when Shaq’s Lakers met Dudley’s — well, it wasn’t exactly his team, but you get the point — Knicks.The game came in late March during the stretch run of the regular season with both teams fighting for playoff position. So, come the end of the third quarter, it became a battle of who could hit — or, in this case, not miss — free throws.A brawl wouldn’t be a brawl in the NBA without Dennis Rodman, and it could be said that “The Worm” instigated this one, though he was not a part of it.The Knicks intentionally fouled Rodman, one being a flagrant by Kurt Thomas that got the tempers brewing. In the fourth, Shaq began to take over the game, throwing down dunks on Dudley left and right, harder than a couple of Shaq-Fu jabs.Sick of Dudley just being in the way, Shaq pushed him over after one sickening posterization.By this time, Dudley had enough. He took the ball, chucked it at Shaq’s back as he headed back down the court and nailed him. How a career 45 percent free-throw shooter could be dead on like this is beyond me.Nevertheless, Shaq just sat back and laughed while Dudley cried like a little baby after getting ejected, making this the worst sports brawl ever.last_img

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