CDC warns that feeding your dog a certain treat could make you and them sick

first_imgThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued a public advisory for dog owners who feed their dogs pig ear treats.The center issued the warning after several people and their animals became ill after coming in contact with the treats.At least 127 people have been infected and 26 of them were hospitalized with salmonella.“No single supplier, distributor or common brand of pig ear treats has been identified that could account for all the illnesses,” the CDC said in a statement. “This is why CDC and FDA are now advising people to not buy or feed any pig ear dog treats to pets.”The center also reported that they are working to convince pet stores to stop selling the product, and that they recommend people wash hands their hands after handling pet food or treats, store pet food away from human food, and never let their pets lick their mouths, faces, or open wounds.last_img

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