Antique SMED Council calls stronger measures vs ASF

first_imgTo ensure that the ASF will not affectthis province or any other places in the region, there should be strictmonitoring towards the entry of swine, pork and other pork-based products. “Supermarkets have to be strictlymonitored on the pork and pork by-products they are selling,” he said. He noted that the Antique provincialgovernment should obtain more manpower to do the monitoring of the entry of thesaid products in the arrival points of this province like in Hamtic, which isthe first town next to San Joaquin, Iloilo and in Libertad, which is theboundary of Aklan province. According to Vicente Lagunday,co-chairperson of the SMED Council, there is a need for the Antique provincialgovernment and other concerned government agencies to strengthen their securitymeasures in order to keep the hog industry in this province ASF-free “There is a scare felt by thehog-raisers in the province with the ASF cases now in Luzon and Mindanao,” hesaid. Lagunday also added that there shouldalso be continuous monitoring of baggage in this province’s airport. “The tendency now for hog- raisers is tosell their swine before they could be affected by the ASF,” Lagunday stressed,saying that they (hog raisers) would rather earn a meager amount than havenothing. This province has a total hog inventoryof 72,963 heads as of Jan. 1, 2018 and is ranked fifth in the hog industryprofile of this region.(With a reportfrom PNA/PN) SAN JOSE, Antique – The Antique Smalland Medium Economic Development (SMED) Council is urging this province tointensify biosecurity measures against the African swine fiver (ASF). “The current farm gate price of swine isP90 per kilo,” he added. However, without the ASF scare its price would go asmuch as P110 per kilo. The hog raisers in this province aredepopulating their backyard pig pens due to fear that the ASF will also affecttheir livestock.last_img

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