Chile’s leader aims to quell protests

first_imgPinera on Tuesday said he hoped toturn recent violent protests into an “opportunity” for Chile, to “make up forlost time, pick up the pace and take concrete and urgent steps” to resolveinequality that has sent tens of thousands into the streets to demand aneconomic overhaul. SANTIAGO – Chile’s President SebastianPinera wanted to quell protests against his government with a guaranteedminimum wage, a hike in the state pension offering and the stabilization ofelectricity cost.  The pledges came after Pinera waswidely criticized for saying on Monday that Chile was “at war” with violentprotesters while thousands of people held successive, peaceful demonstrationsdemanding an end to low wages and a high cost of living.   A demonstrator runs amid tear gas during a protest against the country’s state economic model in Santiago, Chile on Oct. 22. REUTERS/IVAN ALVARADO At least 15 people were killed in theprotests which started over a hike in public transport costs, prompting Pinerato declare a state of emergency over a large swath of Chile.(Reuters)last_img

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