Government continues to focus on sports, culture and educational development

first_imgLocalNews Government continues to focus on sports, culture and educational development by: – November 10, 2011 Share Share Share Sharing is caring!center_img Prime MInister Roosevelt Skerrit at the Independence Day Rally on November 3rd, 2011.Dominica Political Leader and Prime Minister has highlighted the areas of sports, culture and education as three of the major sectors where governments have made tremendous strides, since gaining independence in 1978.In his Independence speech on November 3rd, the Prime Minister Honorable Roosevelt Skerrit said that today there is a lot to be proud of especially in those critical areas which impact heavily on the economic stability of citizens.He spoke directly to ‘Dominican music’ which he believes is matchless to others in the world.“In the field of sports we have produced personalities who have excelled and gone on to play at the international and professional level. Our musical and cultural artistes have thrilled audiences all over the Caribbean and the world and we should always remember that musical rhythms like cadence and bouyon were created by Dominican bands and musicians”.Another asset which Dominica boasts of is its unique annual carnival celebrations.Honorable Skerrit said that “Dominica stands tall on the map” for having the best carnival celebration in the Caribbean and the world.“Our Carnival dubbed the most original of its type in the world is a period when we showcase our inner artistic talent and creativity where we portray characters of national interest and take time out to have fun and laugh at ourselves. We have done well and that has become part of our tourism product”.He said that his government will continue to maintain the legacy that previous governments have left and further develop critical areas with the aim of developing a viable nation.“While we take many of our natural attributes and achievements today for granted, we cannot and will not be satisfied until Dominica becomes known far and wide as a God-fearing peaceful country with confident and contented people where citizens show respect for each other and for the rule of law. A country acclaimed by the international community has a basking of democracy, good governance and respect for human life. A country that cares for its children and its youth by ensuring that they are provided with the best education possible thus increasing their chances of living useful and productive lives. A country where every individual is provided with the opportunity to pursue a career of their choice because they have been equipped with the knowledge, skills and access to the requisite resources to do so”.The Prime Minister announced that government’s goal of having a university graduate in each household by 2015 is also on target and definitely something to boast about.“Our target of ensuring that there is at least one university graduate in every household is on track and will create a human resource base needed to develop a viable and progressive country. Many of us are not aware that in 1978, the formal education of sixty percent of our children terminated at primary school level and of those who attended secondary school no more than six were awarded scholarships to attend university. Today all children are required to attend primary school, we have Universal Secondary Education and there are over three thousand students attending universities under the auspices of the government.”The prime minister also alluded to other areas of development during his speech namely, agriculture and tourism.Dominica Vibes News 40 Views   no discussions Tweetlast_img

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