CNTB announces public calls for the selection of an international media leasing agency and a PR agency

first_imgIn 2021, the focus of promotional activities of the Croatian Tourist Board will be markets such as Germany, Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Poland, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Hungary, France, the Netherlands and Slovakia. Namely, these are the markets that achieved the best results this year, due to the global corona virus pandemic, and which stood out as the primary markets to which most of the marketing activities need to be directed next year. The members of the Tourist Council also adopted the proposal Calls for expressions of interest for the implementation of promotional campaigns with strategic partners in foreign markets in 2021. “As an extremely uncertain situation awaits us in the next tourist year, which will require flexibility and quick adaptation to new circumstances, intensive communication in selected and important for Croatian tourism foreign markets will be crucial in order to reach our target audiences accurate, precise and complete information. We want the overall Croatian tourist offer to remain visible and recognizable on the international market, and for the successful implementation of a unique communication strategy, especially in the demanding year that awaits us, the support of international agencies is important.”, he concluded director Staničić.    Photo: HTZ “During this period, the Croatian National Tourist Board plans to maintain visibility through additional marketing campaigns, and the goal of these activities is to extend the tourist season and encourage the arrival of tourists during the fall. The focus will be on territorially closer markets that have already been shown to be the best response to promotional messages, while the campaigns themselves will be focused on the promotion of nautical tourism, national parks and nature parks and the Croatian continental offer with emphasis on culture, nature and wine. -gastronomy”Conclude the CNTB. It is a program through which the Croatian National Tourist Board conducts marketing cooperation with strategic partners, such as tour operators and carriers that in 2021 are planning travel programs for Croatia from foreign markets. The result of such collaborations are promotional campaigns conducted in foreign markets in cooperation with strategic partners and other tourist communities. center_img The CNTB points out that the members of the Tourist Board were also presented with a plan for the implementation of marketing campaigns on foreign markets in the autumn, ie through October and November. “The figures so far have shown us that with the joint cooperation of stakeholders in the system, we can achieve enviable results. We are facing a challenging period, as before, depending on the epidemiological situation and trends in the world of travel, our communication and promotional activities will require greater flexibility, more intensive campaigns and different communication with tourists. Croatia is recognized in the world as a safe tourist destination and our cooperation with partners in the international market is extremely important to us in order to make the most of the position we have built during these summer months.”, she said Minister Brnjac. Public calls for selection of a media leasing agency in foreign markets in 2021, or for selection of a PR agency for conducting international PR activities and social media. It was held 71st session of the Tourist Board of the Croatian National Tourist Board at which the members of the council, in the presence of the Minister of Tourism and Sports Nikola Brnjac and the director of the Croatian Tourist Board Kristjan Staničić, adopted proposals for decisions on announcing public calls for elections media leasing agency in foreign markets in 2021, as well as for selection PR agency to conduct international promotional activities and activities on social networks in the coming year. last_img

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