SMC freshman class adjusts to college life

first_img One of the more difficult adjustments can be to their academic life.  “Now, that I’m used to it, it’s easier to sit down and get it [homework] done.” But she said after the first week of classes, she feels more prepared.  Returning students may be adjusting to new professors, a more demanding course load or being back on campus, but the incoming first-year students are dealing with adjustments to college life in general — some of which are going much more smoothly than others.  The all-women aspect of life at Saint Mary’s can be an adjustment for some, but for others it does not play a large role.  Nanovic said she was surprised she was assigned homework on the first day of classes.  “It is really intimidating when professors tell us that the semester isn’t going to be easy, it’s going to be really hard,” Nanovic said.  “You have to study harder than you did in high school.”  First-year Erin Nanovic, an intended business and political science major, describes her course load as one with the “hardest, most intense classes” she has ever taken, but feels more confident after the first week of classes.  Spann, a first year from Los Angeles, was pleasantly surprised when she arrived on campus for the first time.  It is the first time she had been in Indiana or to Saint Mary’s.  The campus had a similar impact on other first years.  “I’m not used to that,” Nanovic said.  “In high school, we didn’t usually get homework for the entire first week.” “The campus is amazing,” Spann said.  “It’s beautiful.  It’s a good place to walk barefoot and everything’s clean.”   Though they each have their own unique first impression of Saint Mary’s and are adjusting at different rates, the first years agreed on one thing: they are all excited for their first Notre Dame football game in the student section. “After I took the tour [as a prospective student], I was mad at myself for liking it so much,” Hillary Shesterkin said.  “After coming here, I can’t wait to go home and tell everyone how much I love it here.”  “I don’t think it’s a big issue,” said Roselyn Spann, an intended Biology major.  “I don’t even notice it.”last_img

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