Bakers Half Dozen – Episode 5

first_imgEpisode 5 Show Notes:Introduction with Matt BakerItem 1 – The State of AI in 2019Item 2 – Machine Learning AlgorithmsWired: How Netflix uses Machine Learning algorithms to make recommendationsForbes: Mastercard uses AI to stop fraudAI and Password securityItem 3 — Deep Learning vs Machine LearningGAN Defined Check it out: Item 4 – Does Deep Learning lack common sense?Deep Blue vs KasparovAlphaGo beats GoCan Deep Learning beat Breakout?Item 5 – Cost of Public CloudVMWare’s CloudHealth PlatformItem 6 – Digital TransformationDell Technologies: Digital Transformation IndexItem 6.5 – IT ArchaeologyCloseDisagree, agree, or just chat with Matt using #BakersHalfDozenlast_img

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