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first_img[1] Microsoft blog, “Survey shows that most small businesses feel the need to keep up with technology, but many have yet to adopt the cloud,” June 5, 2014.[2] Dell EMC customer case study, “Health, Happy Employees,” April 2018. Dell EMC Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct Ready Nodes are now available in configurations tailored to the needs of small and midsize businesses.For small and midsize businesses, technology is every bit as important as it is to large enterprises, and even the smallest of companies understand this.  In a survey commissioned by Microsoft Corp. and conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs, 86 percent of small businesses indicated that keeping up with technology is important to their businesses. The survey also found that 60 percent of small businesses attribute increased revenue to technology. [1]At Dell EMC, we listen closely to businesses like those in the Microsoft SMB survey, and then we follow through with the delivery of new products and solutions tailored to their needs. That’s the case with the new SMB configurations in our portfolio of Dell EMC Microsoft Windows Server Software Defined (WSSD).These right-sized configurations make it easy for SMBs to capitalize on the benefits of Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct, or S2D as the product is informally known. S2D changes the ground rules for storage. It eliminates the need for separate SAN or NAS storage arrays, and instead uses industry-standard servers with local-attached drives to create highly available, highly scalable software-defined storage at a fraction of the cost of traditional storage arrays.Dell EMC Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct Ready Nodes simplify and accelerate the deployment of S2D. The Ready Nodes are optimally configured with the required amount of CPU, memory, network, I/O controllers and storage devices. The Ready Nodes approach gives IT managers the confidence and convenience that comes with preconfigured, tested and certified configurations designed for S2D and fully supported by Dell EMC. Dell EMC serves as a single point of contact for the entire Ready Solution.The new Storage Spaces Direct Ready Nodes tailored for SMBs include options with cost-effective Dell EMC PowerEdge™ R440 and R640 servers with Intel® Xeon® processors. These Ready Nodes can easily scale to meet the needs of a growing business.As with all Dell EMC Ready Solutions, the new S2D offerings give IT managers the confidence that comes with known good configurations. They also provide the convenience of an easy-to-deploy solution. Compared to build-it-yourself solutions, the Storage Spaces Direct Ready Nodes require far less time for setup, testing, management and maintenance, and they are delivered with solution-level customer support. All of those characteristics make life easier for the people responsible for the care and feeding of IT systems in a busy SMB environment.Let’s consider a customer example. Ewel Inc., a consulting services company in Japan, is among the companies that are realizing the benefits of Storage Spaces Direct Ready Nodes. The company’s IT administrators completed the migration of their existing Windows 2008 environment to S2D in just one week’s time, without any impact to existing users. In an interview with Dell EMC, Ewel’s IT leaders characterized the migration to Storage Spaces Direct Ready Nodes as “seamless.” [2]Today, Ewel is using its Storage Spaces Direct Ready Nodes to run intranet, database and email applications serving all of its employees. That means a single easy-to-manage and easy-to-scale Ready Solution now carries a significant portion of the IT load for the company’s operations.If you’re in an SMB environment, now is a good time to check out the benefits of Dell EMC Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct Ready Nodes. These Ready Solutions bring a lot of good things together, in configurations that are right-sized for SMBs.For a closer look at Dell EMC Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct Ready Nodes, visit www.dell.com/s2dreadynodes. Or to learn more about Ready Solutions for Microsoft Windows Server Software-Defined (WSSD), stop by www.dellemc.com/wssd or contact your favorite partner.last_img read more

first_imgBy The Nelson Daily SportsA goal by Castlegar’s Darren Medeiros with eight minutes remaining in the game snapped a 3-3 tie to power the Kootenay Ice to a 4-3 victory over the playoff bound Valley West Hawks in B.C. Major Midget Hockey League action Saturday night in Castlegar.The Ice took three of four points against the Hawks as the teams played to a 3-3 tie Sunday.Derek Gerogopoulos of Cranbrook and Trail’s Jacob Boyczuk scored during the first period of Saturday’s game to give Kootenay a 2-0 lead.Nelson’s Dryden Hunt assists on both goals.Valley West scored three consecutive goals before Jake Lucchini of Trail tied the game in the third.Sunday, Gerogopoulos scored with less than five minutes remaining to lift Kootenay into the tie.Ben Betker of Cranbrook finished the game with two assists. Carsen Willans of Nelson and Lucchini also scored for Kootenay, which trailed 2-1 after one period.The Ice travels to the Lower Mainland Saturday for a two-game series against Greater Vancouver Canadians.The six teams — Vancouver North West Giants, Valley West Hawks, Cariboo Cougars, Greater Vancouver Canadians, South Island Thunderbirds and Vancouver North East Chiefs — have now qualified for the playoffs.Quarterfinal matchups will be determined at the conclusion of the season this [email protected]last_img read more

first_imgThe World Kayak Marathon Championships is an annual event which is organised by the International Canoe Federation (ICF).The inaugural event took place in Nottingham, England in 1988, and since then has been held in a variety of different countries.Kayak marathon racing would traditionally have seen competitors race from one point to another on a river or lake, but this format has developed to encourage a more spectator-friendly approach, with lap courses being created which include a number of portages (running while carrying the boat).The 2016 World Championships in Brandenburg, Germany, consisted of six laps, with four portages. South Africa will host this event in Pietermaritzburg in 2017. Maytom, a local eye surgeon, is an enthusiastic local promoter of the sport of Sprint and Marathon Racing Canoe and Kayak.The local doctor continues to generously donate his time and share his expertise with the developing paddlers of the the Nelson Kayak and Canoe Club. That coaching helped a young crew of padders find success at the 2016 BC Summer Games in Abbotsford.Maytom, an avid paddler, shot up the kayaking ladder when he won a boat load of medals at the Canadian Masters Championships. Neville Maytom is used to being on the podium.So it should come to no surprise that the Nelson Doctor once again early medal honours at the World Kayak Marathon Championships last month in Brandenburg, Germany. The Canadian combo of Neville and his K2 (double kayak) partner, Rob Lang from Prince Edward Island, finished third, earning a bronze medal in the Masters division.The 20 kilometer race, which took place in rough windy conditions, was won by a team from South Africa, with Germany finishing second. Most kayaking nations were represented at this event, with Spain, Hungary, Argentina and South Africa fielding particularly strong teams of paddlers.  The Canadian team consisted of five paddlers.last_img read more

first_imgFormer champion jockey Wesley ‘Callaloo’ Henry has successfully appealed a 20-day suspension and $10,000 fine imposed by the raceday stewards for his failure to ride MEET JUSTIN on its merits in the fourth race on Saturday, July 26.The Patrick Lynch-trained MEET JUSTIN finished fourth to the 30-1outsider DON TUDOR over the straight in a three-year-old maiden race on the day in question, but the stewards were not satisfied with the ride and summoned the jockey to an enquiry on September 29.His suspension was to have taken effect on October 10, but he appealed to the full commission and was granted a stay until the case was reviewed on Tuesday.COMPELLINGARGUMENTSAfter hearing submissions from the stewards, trainer Patrick Lynch and compelling arguments from Ed Barnes representing Henry, the full commission overturned the decision of the stewards, allowing Henry to walk.Since his return from a stint in the United States in July, Henry has been riding very well, notching 32 wins (including a recent four-timer) to hold down ninth position in the jockeys’ standings.- O.C.last_img read more

first_img 1Charles Seife, “Physics Enters the Twilight Zone,” Science, Vol 305, Issue 5683, 464-466, 23 July 2004, [DOI: 10.1126/science.305.5683.464]. Seife’s paragraph subtitles are twists on explicit religious phrases: Reasons to believe, You’ll never walk alone, Worlds without end.  (Question: why do you think he used the name of Hugh Ross’s organization here?)  Seife gives air to critics of the Many Worlds hypothesis, but he does not attack the idea as stupid.  Instead, he gives pretty good press to its advocates.  Undoubtedly if Richard Dawkins were reading this issue sitting on his prehensile tail, he would nod approvingly, while calling creationism ignorant, stupid, insane or wicked.     If even in your wildest dreams you granted a nanometer of credibility to such claims, you would still have to ask what caused a universe of universes to have the properties such that the laws of quantum mechanics would give rise to a world like ours.  Anything that begins to exist must have a cause.  The universe began to exist, therefore the universe had a cause.  Q.E.D.     Fantasyland was fun, but time to escape to reality and enjoy Adventureland.  There’s no boredom in the real world, and the equations have a way of working out in practical ways.(Visited 37 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 According to Charles Seife writing in Science,1 more cosmologists are taking parallel universes seriously.  This is a consequence of the Many Worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, one possible mathematical solution to the effects of quantum “weirdness.”  If you think our headline is too harsh, read Seife’s opening in a Rod Serling voice while playing the Twilight Zone theme in the background: As is your habit, you are reading Science at breakfast (today’s treat: an omelet made with dodo eggs). But as soon as you finish this paragraph, a carnivorous wombat crashes through the door into your apartment and chomps angrily on your prehensile tail.  Right … now.     Ridiculous?  Certainly—here.  But it’s true somewhere in the universe, according to many scientists.  An increasing number of mainstream physicists have espoused an almost unspeakably bizarre picture of the cosmos, one filled with mirror worlds and parallel universes, with doppelgängers and alternate histories.  In many of these parallel universes—countless ones—an exact duplicate of you is doing exactly what you’re doing: reading this article in Science magazine.  In others, you exist with subtle (and not-so- subtle) changes from your present-day life—you sport horns or speak in Latin or make a living by juggling hedgehogs at cocktail parties. No further questions, your honor.last_img read more

first_imgBaker Mayfield runs the ball against Georgia.(Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)Baker Mayfield likes to dance. In late May, a video was posted of the Oklahoma quarterback showing off his “Whip.” It wasn’t bad. The OU quarterback was back at it recently. This time, he was dancing inside the Sooners’ Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium. Again, he was impressive. Also here’s a fun video I took of Baker Mayfield and friends. So, BOOMER. @BM_ShakeIT11 pic.twitter.com/b23VQ50G2e— Caroline Kemp (@caroline_kemp) July 18, 2015If Mayfield’s QB skills are anything close to his dancing skills, he’ll probably be Bob Stoops’ starter this fall.last_img

first_imgDarrell StrangerAPTN NewsOvide Mercredi received an honourary doctorate from the University of Manitoba Thursday in Winnipeg.The former national chief of the Assembly of First Nations was among a number of dignitaries at the convocation.Mercredi’s message to the graduates is that you don’t have to lose yourself just because you get an [email protected]last_img

first_imgLAS VEGAS, Nev. – Today’s vision of a smart home has more to do with what’s technologically possible than what people really need.Thus the endless parade of internet-connected wine openers, water bottles, meat thermometers and refrigerators, and a dearth of automation that would clean and fold our laundry, pick up things around the house or assist aging people as their physical strength wanes.Not that some tinkerers aren’t trying to come up with life-changing tools, often while trying to persuade consumers to share their routines and shopping habits to make all this work — and potentially opening the doors to hacking or surveillance in their homes.The annual CES gadget show, which opened in Las Vegas on Tuesday, is a showcase of the latest innovations from big corporations and tiny startups. Some of these inventions could soon be useful to consumers. Others look outlandishly impractical — or maybe it’s too soon to tell.THE INTERNET OF WHAT?Want to book an Uber ride from your fridge? Samsung has you covered with one of its latest refrigerator models unveiled in Vegas. Of if you’re looking for a water bottle that “helps celebrate when you’ve met your hydration goals,” the internet-connected Hidrate Spark 2.0 has arrived.You can command a Whirlpool microwave to switch settings with your voice, but per regulations, you still have to walk over to push the button to start it (and of course put food in and out). A meat thermometer made by Apption Labs will send a notification to your phone app when your steak is fully barbecued.It’s unlikely that anyone but the most extreme wine connoisseur will need to track wine-preserving argon gas levels in a half-finished bottle of pinot noir. But a maker of bottle-opening gadgetry, Coravin, lets you do just that. The device needles wine out of a bottle without pulling the cork. What’s new is connectivity and an app, so you’re alerted when the gadget needs cleaning or a new battery.All this reflects a cottage industry striving to imbue every last household appliance or wearable item with connectivity. But do we really need it?NEVER MIND THE NAYSAYERSWhat one person considers a silly idea is another person’s breakthrough, and many innovations displayed at CES could find long-term commercial success among niche audiences even if they aren’t widely adopted, said technology analyst Tom Coughlin, president of Coughlin Associates.“Some stuff is before it’s time. Some stuff is partially thought through,” Coughlin said. But you never know, he said, because “sometimes people don’t know what they need until they see it.”At CES, Coughlin said, “you see the hopes and dreams, the fantasies, both mad and sublime and clever things that people can think of doing.”THE DUTCH LESSONIn the Netherlands, startup entrepreneurs often look mockingly back to a late-1990s video that asked random people in Amsterdam if they ever wanted a mobile phone, said Stefan Witkamp, co-founder of smart home startup Athom B.V.“Now it’s unthinkable not to have your smartphone,” said Witkamp, whose company’s Homey product links various connected devices to a single system. Similar skepticism now affects smart devices, he said.“People think, why do I need to control my music through my smartphone? Why do I need to manage and monitor my home remotely or automatically? But it could very well be that in five years, we’ll be thinking: ‘Why would we ever not want to?’”BUT WHERE’S MY ROBOT?The reality is that it’s a lot easier to connect an appliance to the internet than it is to build “Rosie,” the robotic maid that TV cartoon show “The Jetsons” launched into the world’s imagination a half-century ago.Sure, robotic vacuums are already cleaning carpets and kitchen floors around the world, but the level of artificial intelligence and physical precision it takes to do housework like a human is still a far-off dream for robot-makers. Instead, many of the robots coming on the consumer market are either toys or designed to be a more personality-driven version of a talking speaker.But it’s not for lack of trying.DUELING LAUNDRY-FOLDERS“It took us 13 years to reach this point,” said Shin Sakane, founder and CEO of Tokyo-based Seven Dreamers Laboratories.His “Laundroid” clothes-folder — and the rival FoldiMate also on display at CES — are feats of engineering that also underscore the limits of current technology. Sakane’s bureau-sized machine is powered by hidden robotic arms and computer vision that can distinguish between different types of clothing.“It’s a soft material,” Sakane said, clutching a white towel. “It could be a T-shirt. It’s hard to distinguish.”Priced at $16,000, the machine can take 30 items per cycle, though it’s still not terribly efficient. It takes 10 or more minutes to fold a shirt — making each cycle a 6-hour project.Rival FoldiMate claims to be faster, but the company came to the show for the second-year running without a functioning prototype. As founder and CEO Gal Rosov demonstrated putting shirts and towels into a top rack where they were sucked into the machine, a bottom drawer opened with pre-folded items inside. To repeat the display, he opened a middle panel where crumpled items hadn’t been folded at all.Rosov said the machine on display was just a concept model and the company hopes to start “early shipping” at the end of 2019.last_img read more

first_imgALBANY, N.Y. — New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is in the nation’s capital to urge President Donald Trump to commit federal funding for a new rail tunnel below the Hudson River.The Democrat was scheduled for a midday meeting Wednesday with the Republican president and U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao.Trump’s administration has clashed with officials in New York and New Jersey over a funding plan for the tunnel project.The existing Amtrak tunnel is a century old and needs extensive renovations. Experts say a new tunnel is essential to ensuring reliable rail travel throughout the entire northeast.The two states had pledged to pay half of the estimated $13 billion price tag under a deal worked out with the Obama administration. The Trump administration now says there was never any agreement.The Associated Presslast_img read more

first_imgMile Jedinak’s second penalty of the world cup helps the Socceroo secure a vital point in their all-important Group C clash against Denmark.The Aston Villa midfielder was on hand to score from the spot for the Aussies after Denmark’s Yusuf Poulsen was adjured to have handled the ball from Matthew Leckie’s header.The penalty was the 11th of this World Cup Finals so far, and also amongst the few given by the newly introduced VAR system.Denmark, Euro 2020Euro 2020 qualifiers round up from group D George Patchias – September 5, 2019 In Euro 2020 qualifying group D, Denmark hit Gibraltar for six while Ireland and Switzerland played out a draw.The Danes made easy work of…Tottenham Hotspur playmaker, Christain Eriksen gave the Danes an early lead when his well-struck volley found the roof of the net in the seventh minute.And his team appeared to be cruising into half-time but Jedinak’s spot-kick proved decisive as Australia took a point to avoid an early exit from the world cup.Denmark go into their last game against France knowing a point could see them through to the next round, while Australia faces Peru knowing only a win, as well as other results going their way, will do.last_img read more

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