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first_imgNews Help by sharing this information News Radio – last bulwark of media freedom and independence Open letter to President Choummaly Sayasone February 13, 2017 Find out more The Thierry Falise and Vincent Reynaud Support Committee reiterates its appeal to the Laotian authorities to release these two journalists and voices its utmost concern about their present conditions of detention in a prison in Vientiane.Headed by the parents and wives of Falise and Reynaud, the committee is an apolitical organisation formed with the sole aim of obtaining their release.The committee calls for regular access to the two journalists for wives and diplomats, and for guarantees about their conditions of detention.The committee, which includes many news media staff, stresses that Falise and Reynaud are internationally recognised, experienced journalists who adhere to journalistic ethics.From what is known about the case against them, the committee believes there are no grounds for the charges against them of “complicity in murder.”The committee calls on Belgian and French diplomats to do everything in their power to ensure that the two journalists remain in good health and to obtain their release.Falise’s family again stresses that Falise has had heart problems and malaria attacks in the past, and prolonged detention in poor conditions could put his life in danger.The committee thanks the first 800 signatories, especially French former ministers, the European Parliament, the Community and City of Strasbourg, to the appeal for their release and stresses the importance of a broad campaign on their behalf.Reynaud’s mother Annie-Jeanne Reynaud will give a press conference at 11:30 a.m. on Friday 20 June at Reporters Without Borders, 5 rue Geoffroy Marie, 75009 Paris.For more information, call +33 (0)1 44 83 84 84 Young Laotian blogger gets five years in prison December 10, 2019 Find out more LaosAsia – Pacific RSF_en Family members and colleagues, along with Reporters Without Borders, have set up a committee to support the two journalists (one French and one Belgian), who have been held in secret for more than a week in Laos. The committee notes they are well-known, experienced journalists and denies accusations they were involved in a murder.center_img Receive email alerts June 19, 2003 – Updated on January 20, 2016 The Thierry Falise and Vincent Reynaud Support Committee – Families concerned about length, conditions of detention LaosAsia – Pacific News to go further Organisation For more information:Web site : http://www.free-falise-and-reynaud.comSign the appeal at [email protected] relations :Hugues Jardel : [email protected] :In Paris – Vincent Brossel, Reporters Without BordersPhone: +33 1 4483-8484E-mail: [email protected] Bangkok – Roland Neveu (journalist)Phone: +66 1 508-7911E-mail: [email protected] Brussels (representing the Falise family) – Guy DeschuyteneerPhone: +32 49 824-5503 and +32 71 361-932E-mail: [email protected] Strasbourg (representing the Reynaud family) – Annie-Jeanne Reynaud (Vincent’s mother)Phone: + 33 3 8832-4694In Geneva – Bernard Genier, TSR journalistPhone: +41 79 570-1453E-mail: [email protected]:Thierry Falise and Vincent Reynaud are freelance journalists based in Bangkok (Thailand). Thierry, who is Belgian, is a reporter and often contributes to the French weekly L’Express. Vincent, a cameraman, is French. They were arrested two weeks back in Xieng Khuang province northeast of Vientiane with Rev. Naw Karl Mua, a US citizen of Hmong origin. They had just completed a report on the situation of the Hmong minority. They are detained in a jail in Vientiane. French diplomats were able to visit the two journalists on 16 June and found them to be “in good health.” Falise’s wife was able to see Falise for five minutes on 18 June, reporting that he was “thinner.”The appeal’s signatories ( temporary list):Famille Reynaud, Famille Falise, Arporn Phengtako, épouse de Thierry Falise, Sutiluck Schmidt, compagne de Vincent Reynaud, Fabienne Keller, maire de Strasbourg, Robert Grossmann, président de la Communauté urbaine de Strasbourg, Bernard Genier, journaliste TSR, Roland Neveu, éditeur et photographe, Hugues Jardel, journaliste, Thomas Renaut, éditeur, Olivier Nilsson, journaliste, Communauté des journalistes, réalisateurs et assistants réalisateurs de la Télévision Suisse Romande, Darius Rochebin, journaliste, Freenews Geneva, Magali Girardin, photographe, Ahmed Rashid, journaliste, Arnaud Bédat, journaliste, Christophe Loviny, journaliste et éditeur, Frédéric Delesques, réalisateur, Alexis Nabokov, Christophe Giltay, journaliste, Patrick McDowell, journaliste, Arnaud Dubus, journaliste, Nicolas Revise, journaliste, Jean-Marc Perez, journaliste, Marie Guyard, journaliste, Pascale-Marie Deschamps, journaliste, Richard Lavigne, directeur-rédacteur en chef, Jean-Louis Hurtaud, Eric Jouan, rédacteur en chef Reader Digest, JJ Potiron, responsable d’édition, Pierre-Laurent Sanner, directeur du festival Images au Centre_03, Alain Louyot, journaliste, Dominique Lagarde, journaliste, François Landesman, producteur, Georg Peter Müller, réalisateur, Dominique Couvreur, Fabienne Brichet, journaliste, Jean-françois Garsmeur, journaliste, Philippe Rochot, journaliste France 2, Isabelle Flinois, Marijosé Alie Monthieux, RFO, Pascal Sellier, Thérèse Roussel, Ph. Dupre, reporter photographe, Marc Demery-Lebrun, Sylvie Schmitz, Pascale Manzagol, rédactrice en chef adjointe France 3, Michele Margueron, chargée de mission à la Mairie de Paris, Alexandre Cazac, Gérard Moulinet, RFO, Axel Gylden, journaliste, Marie Guyard, RFO, Marc Epstein, journaliste, Joël Donnet, Gamma, Xavier Boymond, photographe, Bruno M. Vanier, Beniamino Natale, ANSA, Frédéric Leborgne, Pascale Notebaert, Jean-Pierre Lacroix, Frederic Morel, Andrew Marshall, journaliste, Francis Chevrier, Virginie Barth, Brigitte Lefebvre, Laure Ursule, Christine et Patrick Lienhardt, Sylvaine Pasquier, journaliste, Denis Bernadet, journaliste, Valérie Jardel, Morgan Largouet, DJ PEE du groupe “Le peuple de l’herbe”, Xavier Fruhinsholz, Sybille Eigenheer, Adeline Margueron, JD Brenckmann, Dominique Maraval, Magali Maïza, Javotte Foltz, Blandine Caucat, productrice ARTE, David Ponchelet, journaliste, Erwan Martineau, assistant réalisateur, Paul Handley, journaliste, Sergio Trippodo, Arnaud Caschera, Sébastien Devaud, artiste, Yvan Cohen et Peter Charlesworth, directeurs de AsiaWorks Photography, Philippe Decaux, journaliste et ancien président du Club des Correspondants Etrangers de Thaïlande, Sylvie Sargueil, Vladimir Vasak, ARTE, Cendres Lavy, Emmanuel Laurentin, producteur radio, Maria Malagardis, journaliste, Thierry Demaizière, journaliste, Brigitte Benkemoun, journaliste, Jacques Sierpinski, photographe, Prakash Hatvalne, photo-journaliste, Francesca Monari, Myrto Grecos, productrice et journaliste, Pierre Paccaud, Swiss News Agency, Raimondo Bultrini, journaliste, Christopher Isett, Farid Abdelouahab, écrivain, Ambassadeur Julio A. Jeldres, président de l’Institut Cambodgien de la Démocratie, Christian Kitzinger, Isabelle Rakotovao, Marc Victor, journaliste, Marylène Lenoir, Cindy Schiavetto, Bernard Bouye, Didier Pavy, journaliste, Alain Patoor, journaliste, Lysiane Sarel et Bernard Maitre, Pierre Bigorgne, rédacteur en chef de Grands Reportages, Charles Dharapak, photographe, Florence Laublé, Philippe Massy, producteur Musique, Gary Knight, Benjamin Caschera, Hugues Renaut, Sono Nadia Tarantini, journaliste, Marie Jourdain, France Compagnon, Thomas Brecelic, Helene Vissiere, journaliste, Jacques Lhuillery, directeur AFP Afrique de l’Ouest, Marc Vandermeir, journaliste, Tricoire Francis, Anne Feitz, journaliste, Vincent Brunet, ingénieur, Toma Dagorn, journaliste, Anne-Florence Garnier, productrice, Hubert Ledoux, chef d’agence à La Voix du Nord, Anne Bovy, Université catholique de Louvain, Lucienne Frisanco, Aurélien Metral, Claire Deschamps, Virginie Oublomme, Joan Lismont, Xavier Massart, Agnès Fontaine, Simon Charlier, Andre Lacroix, Patrick Piro, journaliste, Béatrice Cramer, Tine Schelkens, Xavier Piérard, Syhanath Sisomdeth, Chantal Tilquin et Guy Brondeel, Catherine Rouyer, Sophie Remacle, Karin Schanck-Brodrück, Rudi Piedboeuf, Marie-Claire Beckers, Janssen Mathias, chercheur, F-Xavier Evrard, Remi Benali, photographe, Smitz Franck, Gilles Gauthier, Alain Buu, Brigitte Delplace, Anna Maria Barbuto, Marie-Pierre Wanderpepen, Frank Slama, Delphine Mention, Patsy Renard, Bernard Capelle, Stassin Catherine, Pascal Jalabert, Anne Catherine et Patrick Evrard, Pauline Jardel, Didier Albin, journaliste, Cécile Neveu, Isabelle Seny et Xavier Losseau, François Lallemant, Madeleine Dembour, Isabelle Losseau, Virginie Hauret, Nicole De Wolf, Flavie Scrabble, Jean-Christophe Depas, Marco Guarneri, Françoise Gofflot, Ary Van Elsen, Stéphane Margueron, Christelle Dony, Céline Saurel, Françoise Huber, Rose-Grace Gimenez, Marysol Michez, Cécile Gerin, Ghislain Capelle, Viviane Thomas, Alexis Routier, Bruno Allard, Ernotte Daniel, Dominique Delattre, Jean Delcour, Université catholique de Louvain, Christine Vaillant-Ingelaere, Burteau Anne-Catherine, Roland Van Driessche, Oliver vanBeneden, Lamote Anne, Drugmand Jean-Christophe, Durieux Françoise, Didier Caudron, Anne-Michèle Debruche, Antonietta Boscarino, Mols Yohann, Sylvie Schmitz, Adriaens Anne-Marie, Bodart De Mooter J., Demoustier Adélaide, Katell Pouliquen, Francis Kania, Haydée Sabéran, journaliste, Caroline Burteau, Olivier Delafoy, Stéphanie Bellin, journaliste, Hogne Jean-François, Marianne Collin, PACCAUD Pierre, Swiss News Agency, LABAN Marc, AsiaWorks Television, MARSHALL Andrew, Time Magazine, DUNLOP Nic, Panos Pix/Freelance, KELLY Heather, AsiaWorks Television, SCHMID Andy, Swiss Television-SFDRS, METZELAER Kees, photographe, ENGLAND Vaudine, journaliste, STEIN Ginny, SBS TV, WILLIAMS Ian, Independent TV News, GAMPEL Jennifer, écrivain, FOISY Patrick, PERRIN Andrew, TIME, BLENKINSOP Philip, photographe TIME, WRIGHT Samuel, ARCHER Ray, WHITING Dominic, REUTERS, BROWN Patrick, AsiaWorks Photo, DAVIES Ben, AsiaWorks Photo, PENNINGTON Mat, AP, POLLARD Jim, The Nation, TANG Alisa, AP, KUDRICH Helen, journaliste, COURSO Steve, WILSON Richard, Biz-Art, Frank Vancayemberg, Corinne Neyman, journaliste, Isabel del Valle Lopez, Monique Glineur, Guylaine Idoux, Jacques Paramo, Eric de Saint-Laurent, Catherine Laurent, Etienne et Béatrice Piérard-Capelle, P. et F. Stavaux, André Brunelle, Marie-Ange Klein, FLoris de Bonneville, ancien directeur rédaction Gamma, Jérôme Lejeune, Alain Faniel, Frederic Lauriat, Léon Orban, Valérie Rohart, journaliste, Eric et Mikako LOUTRE, Stephen Bottomore, Carl Voiturier, Jean-Yves Hayez, Steve-Henry Peeters, journaliste, Jean-Christophe et Claire Maillard, Ricciotti D’Amelio, Catherine Lugrin, Eric Tréguier, journaliste, Claude Friconneau, Familles Pierre FALISE-VALENDUC, Christian FALISE-LEONARD, Françoise FALISE, Geneviève FALISE, Vincent FALISE, Catherine ROBIN-FALISE, Philippe FALISE-MAUDOUX et Benoît FALISE, Famille VANGEENDERHUIZEN, Alain Patoor, journaliste, Lysiane Sarel et Bernard Maitre, Delva Maria, Plissart Cécile, Pieraerts Elisabeth, Vanderbeken Mariette, Milet Andrée, van Stratum Anne-Marie, Vanderhenst Irma, Lefebvre Alice, Vanderbeken Andrée, Vallez Marie-Agnès, Glorieux Marie-Thérèse, Crombez Marguerite, Plissart Anne-Marie, Vincke Marie-Louise, Theunissen Anne-marie, Pêtre Elisabeth, D’Hoore Godelieve, Cauwe Christiane, Ferminne Lucie, Van Nieuwenhuyse Marie, Jadot Maddy, Boone Fernande, Scheepers Clara, Courtin Marie-Agnès, Schoonbaert Lieve, Delvaux Béatrice, Parmentier Christine, Lacroix Marie-Thérèse, Jean Verneuil, Geneviève Grisart, Agnès Giaux, Paulette Chauvaux, Simone Ligot, Emilienne Roch, Claire Mailien, Mariette Grégoire, Paula Jacobs-Blumstein, Marie-Paule Tassin, Annie Rocheblave, Paulette Tassin, Jean-Marie Doucy, Liliane Lamy, Jean-Claude Lesuisse, Monique Lesuisse, Dominique Lesuisse, Camille Lesuisse, Anne Haegeman, Emilienne Pouleur, Melle Bauduin, Melle Bodart, Tim Deagle, AsiaWorks Television, Robert Landry, conseiller en communication, Francine Casanova, Xavier de Fournoux, journaliste, Antonia Bacchetti, Carlo Bianchi, Anne Lanchon, Michel Faure, journaliste, Annie Rocheblave, Renaud Lavergne, AFP, Yves Heurté, Jean-Pierre Lacroix, Didier Pavy, journaliste, Anglique Latinis, Aurélie Gillet, Nicolas Landes, Bernard Bouye, Véronique Rigot, Stephane Duproz, Richard Werly, journaliste, Luc Weyrich, Yves et Marie-Laure Reynaud, Isabelle Nouvel, Yann Martineau, réalisateur, Ranajit Ray, réalisateur, Andreas Schmid, producteur Swiss TV, Voja Miladinovic, photographe, Lampe Xavier, Sophie Burteau, Etienne Snoeck, Danielle Vanderlinden, Claudia Kollibay-Lietz, Catherine Gaudissart, Laurent Holdene et Romayakorn Enyod, Jane French, Pierre Carron, Marie-Luc Niehe, Age Namur, Manfe Gianni, Véronique Boisdon-Boubli, Braouet Isabelle, Jean-Luc Marlier, Gaël Teicher, éditeur, Loïc Le Gall, graphiste, Bernard Plossu, photographe, Jean Gaumy, photographe, Françoise Nunez, photographe, Frédérique Rossi, directeur d’agence photographique, Jean-Francis Fernandez, photographe, Jean-Luc Parant, artiste, Freddy Denaës, éditeur, Sandra Nagel, professeur, Marie-Aude Delafoy, éditeur, Alexandra Renaut, Constant Renaut, Geneviève Renaut, Naima Doudine, Frédéric Delambre, Valérie de St Laurent, Catherine Trautmann, ex-ministre français, La direction et la rédaction de l’agence de presse Gamma, Christian Mestre, président de l’Université Robert Schuman de Strasbourg, Jack Lang, député et ex-ministre, Didier Eugène, président de l’Association des anciens élèves de l’Ecole supérieure de journalisme (ESJ) de Lille, Michèle Bur, présidente du club de la presse de Strasbourg, Denis Jeambar et la Société des journalistes de L’Express, et Robert Ménard, secrétaire général de Reporters sans frontières. News Follow the news on Laos June 23, 2006 Find out morelast_img read more

first_img KCA Deutag land drilling contracts in Oman. (Credit: Pixabay/skeeze.) ​Global drilling, engineering and technology provider, KCA Deutag (“KCAD”), has been awarded contracts worth more than $150m in Oman, from the country’s leading exploration and production companies.The first award covers the provision of expert manpower for customer-owned rigs, hoists and workshops. In total, KCAD will provide approximately 420 people in delivering this contract. This is a 5-year extension to a contract originally awarded in 2015.One-year contract extensions have also been awarded for 8 KCAD rigs working in Oman.Alongside these contract awards, KCAD’s T-82 rig has spudded the Group’s first well in Kuwait, representing a successful entry for the company into this attractive market. The rig is equipped with key components from Bentec, KCA Deutag’s leading global manufacturer of drilling rigs, oilfield and energy equipment.Commenting on the awards, Simon Drew, President of Land said: “These awards demonstrate that despite challenging markets, KCA Deutag’s operational strengths and capability at – and beyond – the rig site, continue to be recognised by our customers.We are also pleased to extend the geographic footprint of KCA Deutag, Bentec and our Well of Innovation Technologies into Kuwait and to take our industry-leading capabilities into a strong new market for the business, as we build out our presence in the Middle East, a core market for the Group.” Source: Company Press Release The award covers the provision of expert manpower for customer-owned rigs, hoists and workshopslast_img read more

first_imgPittsburgh Steelers’ Le’Veon Bell (26) leaps over Green Bay Packers’ Morgan Burnett during the second half of an NFL football game Sunday, Dec. 22, 2013, in Green Bay, Wis. (AP Photo/Mike Roemer)The Steelers are still keeping hope alive for the playoffs while looking like an elite team, but it’s too little too late.Even though the Steelers are still mathematically alive their chances are slim at making the playoffs, and it would actually be better if they didn’t make it.The Steelers stayed alive by beating a good Green Bay Packers team without Aaron Rodgers, while all the other teams in the battle for that last playoff spot showed just how weak they were by losing. It may be better for the NFL to just have the four division winners with only one wild card team, the Kansas City Chiefs, playing because the New York Jets 7-8, Miami Dolphins 8-7, the Baltimore Ravens 8-7, San Diego Chargers 8-7 or the Steelers 7-8 really deserve to be in the playoffs.The Dolphins lost to the lowly Buffalo Bills 19-0, the Ravens were destroyed by the New England Patriots, 41-7,the Jets 24-13 over the Cleveland Browns, and the Chargers beat the Oakland Raiders, 26-14.last_img read more

first_imgThere has been a renewed warning over scam calls claiming to be from the ‘eir’ telecoms company.A customer in Donegal recently received a hoax call from a person pretending to be a customer services representative from eir.The customer was told that their broadband security was compromised. However, the person who was targetting knew it was a hoax and contacted eir. In other cases, these callers have asked for payment to repair the broadband ‘issues’.Eir Customer Services have warned against giving out personal or banking details to scam callers. The company says it would never directly contact customers via mobile or landline. Customers who receive scam calls are advised to block the number and ignore it.Information on eir safety is available on: www.eir.ie/online-safetyWarning over scam calls from fake Eir reps was last modified: October 17th, 2019 by Staff WriterShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more

first_imgEight students of the Agriculture Business and Leadership classes got to travel south in February to experience the agriculture industry. Juniors and seniors visited the Tulare World Ag Expo where they got to learn more about agriculture industry all around the world. They got to tour South Valley Farms, Bravo Farms and did some sightseeing at the West Hills College and Harris feedlot. All eight students returned to Red Bluff with fun stories and more knowledge about the agriculture industry. …last_img

first_imgWatford defender Miguel Britos remains a doubt for Tuesday’s Premier League clash with Manchester United and he will need another training session to prove his fitness, manager Marco Silva said.The 32-year-old Uruguayan limped off shortly after halftime during Watford’s 3-0 win at St James’ Park on Saturday after failing to shake off the knock he picked up following a heavy challenge from Newcastle United midfielder Jonjo Shelvey.”The situation with Britos we will keep open,” Silva told a news conference.”He is still in doubt. We’ll see. I’m not sure if he’s able to play. We have one more session tomorrow, one more session to prepare for the match and then we will take the decision.”Sebastian Prodl replaced Britos in the heart of the defence on the weekend and could do so again to make his first start for the club since late August after recovering from a hamstring injury.”He’s improving his physical condition,” Silva added. “It’s been two months without competition, two months without training with the team. It’s hard. He’s improving and played almost 45 minutes (against Newcastle). That’s good for him.”Watford, currently eighth in the league, will also be boosted by the return of captain Troy Deeney, who is available for selection after serving his three-match suspension.last_img read more

At the NHL’s annual awards show tonight in Las Vegas, the shiniest piece of hardware that will be given out is the Hart Memorial Trophy, which is awarded to the player deemed to be the most valuable to his team by the Professional Hockey Writers’ Association. The shortlist of nominees includes Penguins’ captain Sidney Crosby, Oilers’ phenom Connor McDavid, and Blue Jackets’ goalie Sergei Bobrovsky — all of whom had terrific seasons. But no matter who wins, there’s an argument to be made that it will be the wrong choice. This is because the league’s most outstanding performance came from someone who wasn’t nominated.San Jose Sharks’ defenseman Brent Burns turned heads all season, and often for reasons other than his toothless smile, man bun and ZZ Top beard. His production was everything you could ask of someone on the blue line, notching 76 points, tied for the fourth-highest point total by a defenseman since the lockout of 2004-05. Of those 76 points, 29 were goals, which was 70 percent more than the second-best defenseman and the most by anyone at the position since 2008-09. Burns isn’t only a goal-producing machine—he also led the league in point shares, 1Point shares roughly translate to the amount of a team’s points one player is responsible for. A decent analog is Bill James’ win shares, a complicated formula popular among baseball statheads. accounting for more of his team’s success in the standings than any of the three (still very worthy) MVP candidates nominated above him. He’s also the only player in the NHL to finish in the top five in both offensive and defensive point shares. That’s pretty impressive stuff, but not impressive enough to be a finalist for the Hart, apparently.Despite Burns’s gaudy scoring numbers and clear impact on his team’s success, it shouldn’t come as a shock that the PHWA left Burns off its list: Defensemen, despite representing one third of the players on ice, have a long history of being overlooked. The last time a defenseman was nominated for the Hart trophy, we were all basking in relief that Y2K hadn’t destroyed civilization. Chris Pronger won the award after his brilliant 1999-00 season with the St. Louis Blues. In his MVP-winning campaign, Pronger notched 62 points and led the NHL with 14.2 point shares, both of which fall short of Burns’s numbers from 2016-17. On their own, Burns’s numbers are impressive. But when you compare them to those of his peers, they look downright heroic. Since the lockout — and excluding 2012-13, which was a half-season — the top-10 defensemen in the league each season2Ranked by points scored have scored an average of 58 points. This year, Burns scored 18 more points than that. The entire blue line corps of five teams failed to notch more goals than Burns, including the Washington Capitals, who had the best record in hockey. Other blue liners have been snubbed since Pronger’s Hart win. Most notably, Nicklas Lidstrom won seven Norris trophies as the league’s top defenseman, but he was never even named as a finalist for the Hart trophy.3Burns will likely win his first Norris tonight. It’s true that Lidstrom’s reign of dominance coincided with the rise of generational talents like Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin, but it’s difficult to believe one of the five best defensemen to ever play hockey wasn’t good enough to at least be considered as one of the three best players in the NHL during that stretch.And if the dearth of defensemen nominated for the Hart since Pronger’s win in ‘99-00 looks suspicious, all you’ve got to do is look at the three decades preceding his win to understand it’s been something of an enduring trend: before Pronger, the last defenseman to win the Hart trophy was Bobby Orr in 1971-72.4Orr won the award three times consecutively between 1969-70 and 1971-72, scoring 376 points over that stretch. It’s the second-best three year span for a defenseman in NHL history. And before Orr? It was Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Babe Pratt, who won the Hart in 1943-44. Hockey writers—apparently—don’t have much love for defensemen.Although it ostensibly honors the best player on the ice, the Hart trophy is basically an award given to the top forward — and really just the top center 5Since Orr last won the Hart in 1971-72, 28 of the 45 winners have been center icemen. That Wayne Gretzky played in that span helped. — and every once in awhile the top goalie in the NHL. Until the Hart’s description reads, “Given to the league’s best centerman (and sometimes it’s best goalie, too),” it’s due time the PHWA begins taking the candidacy of the league’s top defensemen for the league’s top honors seriously. read more